Monday, 30 January 2012

Kid's Taekwon-Do.

About a year ago when we were just thinking about putting the kids football we had been checking up on different martial arts to see what sort of training they would be able to participate in, unfortunately at the age they were currently at none of the martial art schools would take them on as the lowest they could start was apparently 6 years old.

We had unfortunately forgot all about it until a few weeks ago when Marie had decided to check up on it again and realised that they were able to start Taekwon-Do, this was absolutely fantastic since i had been doing Taekwon-Do since i was around 10 years old so the thought of my 2 kids starting it up was absolutely fantastic. However i was still a bit disappointed since they would be unable to actually join the federation that i was involved in as it currently doesn't exist over in Sweden (I was a member of GTF (Global Taekwon-Do Ferderation) Taekwon-Do and Sweden only has WTF (World Taekwon-Do Federation) Taekwon-Do) and although you would think they would be the same there is quite alot different with both federations.

But we decided that we would give it a try at least and see if the kids enjoyed it, so off we went into town early Saturday morning to see what it was all about. I have to admit on arriving to their do-jan i was pretty impressed, although it's a mixed martial arts school they have rented out a full building for it so they can keep all their equipment on the premises instead of carrying it around and when you go inside they have the training area completely decked out with mats and stuff so that you don't have to stand on a wooden floor which is pretty awsome i have to admit.
So we signed the boys in with the club and i went through to the changing rooms and got them changed into some cloths that they could train in (Pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt) and the class began.

I think the only thing that didn't really impress me all that much was the fact that the class wasn't taken by any black belts, either none of the black belts were interested in taking the class because there was only 6 small children in it or the fact they just don't have enough black belts, either way i was pretty disappointed in the fact that there was no black belt present and personally i think if you decide to join a club especially in martial arts that you expect a black belt to be taking the class, instead they were trained by a red tag (basically it's one tag away from being a Black Belt) and a blue belt. Either way the guys did pretty good and managed to keep most of the children fairly engaged in the class.

Either way the kids seemed to really enjoy taking part in the class and it may be possibly something that they want to continue but it's to early to tell really, i mean they have only done one class and everything is really fun right at the start, so we shall continue to take them for another few weeks (they get 3 free classes before we have to begin paying for it) and just see how it goes, i really hope that they decide to continue with it because it was something i always loved doing and i seriously regret that the last few years i was in Scotland that i stopped going, but i'm hoping in the not so distant future that i am able to get myself a job and look into starting up my own club over in Sweden since we don't have the same federation over here, but without the funds to pay for insurance and such likes it's kind of not possible right now but it is certainly something i will be looking into again, and then perhaps i can start training the kids as well.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell, have a great week folks!

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