Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Dentist Trip.

Well what can I say, as i have said before i am not at all a morning person infact it's probably the worst time of the day to know me and the last thing I would have liked to be doing this morning was thinking of getting the kids up at 06:30 in the morning to give them breakfast and getting them ready to go into town for their appointment and yet that is exactly what I found myself doing this morning.

The actual trip went fairly smoothly if i don't say so myself the only downside to the whole thing was when we were heading there, we arrived up at the local train stop to find about 20 kids standing there waiting for the train and once more the lovely Swedish  transport system decided to put the old train on, this thing only seats about 50 people, but bearing in mind that it travels from Herrljunga a town about 1 hour 20 mins away or something like that by the time it reaches Järpås there is probably around 10 seats left so i was forced to stand there with 2 6 year old boys while the little teenage douchebags sat there looking at us and not even considering at least offering the twins a seat to share or one each, not that i really expected them to but still it left me wanting to punch them all in the head.

The actual dentist appointment went really well and there is nothing wrong with their teeth which is great, we have been advised to brush their teeth for them, instead of allowing them the independence of doing it themselves as although they have been doing a good job they are still missing bits here and there, not that i'm that bothered i mean it only takes 5 minutes to do it so it's not like it's a all day job lol.

Lucky for us though we all managed to get a nice seat on the way back home and now the boys are off to school for the day, so i'm gonna sit down and have a nice cup of tea and just chill out the rest of the day i think, overall it was a good trip in my opinion, the boys behaved themselves the whole way there and back and i only had to ask them twice to keep the noise down while in the dentist office so i'm pretty proud of them.

But for now i'm off to get a nice cup of tea and relax, hope your day is going great too!.

Until next time.

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