Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Next Tattoo.

My partner Marie has found herself back in contact with a old friend of hers who happens to be a tattoo artist and specializes in black & white dark art, and so for the last few weeks Marie has been asking me what sort of tattoo i was looking at getting because perhaps he would be able to do it for me if i was interested in getting another one which of course i am, i love tattoo's and if i have my way by the time i leave this world i will have quite a few. Currently i have 3 which aren't very big and all are dedicated to my kids so the next one i wanted to do for myself, and when i was asked about it i knew exactly what i wanted. I have been playing World Of Warcraft online for about 6 years and from the minute i seen a picture of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner i knew that it was something i would love to have a tattoo off.

So yesterday Marie had decided that she would contact her friend through Facebook and let him see the image that i was hoping to get and to ask him where it would be best placed etc, but he decided that instead of writing back that he would send a short message asking Marie to give him a call, so she did and it looks like this project could be starting sooner than i though, around the end of April if things go to plan. I don't know the guy very well but have been informed that all that tattoo artists around Sweden have said he is going to be one the best at the black & white dark art in the not so distant future because he is that good.

We have decided that we will take a wee trip into him in the next couple of weeks, just so that he is able to view the canvas he will be working on and decide where best to place it on my body, since it has a extreme amount of detail it's going to be quite a big project, involving a lot of hours work (probably around 20+ hours) which will be split into 4 hour sessions. By all accounts it will probably end up on my back or somewhere that has a big open space, since i think it will need to be blown up quite alot just so that you are able to see all the detail in it. Of course it will be in black & white since i think with the colour it might not have that same effect but i think he will be putting a bit of colour into the eyes just to make it pop out. 

Roughly how it will look in Black & White.
But i'm pretty excited about starting this although i know it's going to take a very long time to complete and alot of pain will be involved but i think the end product will definitely be worth all the tears.

But i think for now i shall bid you all farewell, so until next time i hope you all have a great day and don't forget to drop me a comment with your opinion on my choice of art work to be tattoo'd.

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