Friday, 20 January 2012

Now That Wakes You Up In The Morning!

Like always i like to get up at the same time as Marie and normally just have a few hours to sit in front of the computer chilling out and just checking up on Facebook/Twitter and normally approving posts on Triberr and having a read here and there before having to get up with the kids, but every week i get one day where i don't have to worry about getting the kids up and to school because Marie has her day off and normally takes them herself.

So this morning started out great i thought, not having to get up and stress around after the boys just having to sit back relax have a cup of tea and read some stuff on the net, Marie had gotten up and sorted the boys out and had taken up to school and returned and everything was fantastic until.........

Not even 5 minutes after Marie returned home, the telephone started to ring. I was personally like who the hell is phoning us at 07:15 in the morning, and then i realised our oldest daughter had just left for the bus so i half expected that it was to say she had forgotten something or that the bus had come early and she had missed it or something along those lines but oh no, that was not the case. The person calling us was the after school teacher who normally takes care of the kids before and after school to inform us that Alexander had not showed up and that Maximus had come into them and said that he had decided that he missed his mum and that he wasn't going to school and instead taken off back down the stairs towards home. Max had shouted on him to come back apparently but Alex had ignored him and continued on his way so Max done the right thing at least and headed into school to tell the teacher (remind me to give that boy a pat on the back!).

I can tell you something, if you are not awake at that time of the morning and you receive a call like that then you certainly will be awake! and very quickly at that. I swear i have never seen myself ever move so fast to get out of my comfy sit around the house cloths into my jeans and jacket and the door, i think it took me less than 30 seconds and we were off on the hunt, and it is safe to say i was both scared out my wits and extremely angry all at the same time. I mean for living in a very small town as we do the traffic on the road is very heavy at that time of the morning, so if he had decided to try and walk back home and had attempted to cross the road then i have no idea what would have happened, lucky for us that wasn't the case. We had just gotten under the underpass leading up to the staircase that takes you into the school grounds when the cleaning lady who was on her way to work and that we know fairly well had cycled past us on her way to work so we had said to her that if she seen Alexander to grab him for us and told her what would happened.

Now let me try and explain how this path works, you basically have the bus stop that my daughter stands at in the morning for her bus to school and that path leads down into the underpass that myself and Marie were at and then the path continues up, but you have a turn off to the right hand side if you want to that i think leads to some farm land, but is a wooded area, but if you continue forward instead of going to the right then you have the staircase that leads up to the school.

So just as the cleaning lady was heading up the hill from the underpass she stopped and had looked to her right and who was standing a few meters into that pathway in the wooded area but Alexander, he had obviously heard his brother and the Janitor who was out looking for him and decided that he would jump into the woods so that they couldn't find him, but lucky for us with his reflective jacket it was quite easy to spot him, i swear i wanted to rip his head off and i was quite harsh in my choice of words i used but honestly i don't think i have been more scared in my life than i was when that call came and i personally felt that being all "Aww what is wrong, and why did you do that?" in a nice tone was not going to make him understand how severe the problem of him running off was.

But yea, we got him to the Janitor who was standing at the bottom of the staircase and left him there but it certainly was a massive wake up call this morning that's for sure, i went from being a bit tired and wanting to go back to bed to being wide awake in a matter of seconds.

So that was my morning, i have to say on a positive note though it was really awsome of Maximus to think about going into the school and telling them what had happened instead of thinking oh what a great idea and running off with him because then i have no idea what would have happened, but i think from now i shall be waiting a extra 5 minutes at the bottom of the stairs to make sure that none of them attempt to do this again, either that or taking away that little bit of independence i gave them by allowing them to walk up to the school themselves and taking them to the door instead, either way it will never happen again! at least not at this age.

But for now i think i shall head off and enjoy my weekend, i hope you day started out alot better than mines did and that you all have a great weekend! So until next time...

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