Monday, 16 January 2012

Weird Traditions

Last Friday it came that time of the year again where we had to take the kids up to our local store so that they could par take in one of the weirdest traditions i think Sweden have.

So you may all be wondering what the hell is this guy going on about well let me explain a little, the tradition i am talking about that i find so weird is the fact that a few weeks after Christmas everyone in the town gathers at a set location and then proceed to dance around the Christmas tree that has been placed there, singing Swedish Christmas songs that in all honesty have nothing really anything to do with Christmas, or at least i don't think they do but this is a tradition that has been done since i don't know when and even the adults not all granted but most seem to enjoy even more than the children do.
I think the main reason our kids want to go to it every year is because once they have finished dancing around the tree and singing their merry songs that Santa comes out and gives them a bag of candy, and like all kids my children are completely obsessed with candy, especially our son Max i'm sure from the minute he wakes up to minute he goes to bed that is all he literally thinks about but he's a kid so i guess you got to just expect it and get on with it.

But we have gone up for the last 2 years with the kids now that they are at the age to actually properly participate in the little event and each year i find myself standing there with a complete baffled look on my face, you know the face i'm talking about it, it's the "WTF" face. I think i'm more confused at how much the adults get into it more than how much the children do, because i expect them to but even the adults are doing all the dance moves like rubbing the cleaning board and such likes, or at least it looks like what they are doing but i honestly don't know what the hell they are doing half the time i just sit there with big wide eyes thinking to myself "what the in gods name am i doing here?" and "what the hell are these people doing, are they retarded?".

It has to be the strangest tradition i have encountered in Sweden in all honesty, and i have encountered quite a few but the kids love it and most of the adults do so really who am i to judge, i'm pretty sure that the Swedish people would find some of the traditions of the UK strange as well.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell, unfortunately i forgot to take the camera up with me so i was unable to get any snap shots, but no doubt next year i will make another similar post and i'll try my best to remember to take the camera so you can see what strange stuff i have to deal with over here. I have also forgotten what they actually call the event, but i'm sure my fiancĂ©e Marie will no doubt comment with the name of it ;)

So until next time! have a great day and week.

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