Friday, 27 January 2012

She Finally Replied!

You will remember that a few weeks ago i wrote about how i had contacted my Job Coach who i was meant to be meeting after the Christmas Holidays and that i had never received a reply from her, well finally after about 3 weeks or there abouts she finally got back in contact. Apparently she had been signed off work for a few weeks due to being ill and that was the whole reason behind her not being back in contact so i guess i can forgive her for that.
But it seems that we shall be meeting up again starting next Wednesday, not to sure why and if i'm totally honest i wasn't really all that bothered if we met again or not but at the same time i deserved to have the full time i was meant to get with my Job Coach and seeing as we missed a few appointments it is nice that she is willing to still meet me and make sure that i get that time back that i missed even though they don't get paid for it.

In other Job Type News...

You may also recall that i recently wrote about my Job Centre visit that was scheduled for last week or the week before that i can't honestly remember now, but that when i was there my handler as they like to call themselves had spoken to me about maybe going on a Administration Course, well i have been in contact with her and told her that i would like to take her up on the offer and go and do the course that we spoke about, as of yet i have not heard anything back about it other than that she was going to recommend me for it so hopefully something will come up soon enough with that.

I think it would be really nice to get out the house everyday, not that being home sucks or anything like that but you know there is only a certain amount of time you can stare at the same four walls everyday before you end up going completely insane, so for a chance to get out the house and be surrounded by Swedish people who only talk the language i think would be really great for me. Sure it's going to be hard, not the course but the fact of being around Swedish people all day long and trying to keep up with conversations and such likes but it will be good training for me as well, and who know's i actually might meet someone there that i can become friends with which would not be a bad thing trust me.

But i think that's all for the moment folks, i want to again apologise for the lack of blog posts over the last month or so but i think it's just one of those times where nothing really amazing happens so there is nothing to blog about but i am trying, i'm pretty sure it will pick up in the new few weeks or something but we shall see.
So until next time, i hope you all have a great weekend!

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