Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It Came To Me...

So today started out like any other day, i got up with Marie said goodbye to her as she left for work, got the kids up and ready for school and headed out the door. Now for the last i don't know how long now, perhaps 6 months or so i have been listening to a Swedish Radio channel called P3, to be honest the only reason i am actually listening to it is because we live out in the middle of nowhere and apparently the radio reception for all other channels is shockingly bad to the point you can't hear them. 
But the great thing about listening to this channel is the fact that 99.9% of the time they are speaking and not just playing music track after music track, so it is pretty great practice listening to them speak Swedish all the time.
Not to mention they can actually be quite amusing to listen to, i mean the guy that hosts the show with the other 2 women is just absolutely hysterical when he gets going, although i still have no idea why he speaks half Swedish and then throws in some English but it makes it even more enjoyable to listen to.

But for some reason this morning, as i walked back from dropping the twins off at school and saying my goodbyes i ended up stopping half way down the road, it wasn't that i had forgotten anything it was the fact i realised.....

I am walking down this path on the way to back home, with my earphones in my ears and for the first time ever i'm not translating what they are saying into English, i am walking and listening to these people speak Swedish and i'm understanding every single word that comes out of their mouth without even thinking about the English translation.

Now alot of people will be saying, well it's about time you have been living in the country for nearly 6 years now if you are not already understanding what people say then there is something seriously wrong, and perhaps you should consider going back to the UK. But the thing is i have always understood what people were saying, well since i began learning the language, but i have always had to translate it into English in my head quick. 
Sure as time went on there was stuff i would say without even thinking about it, like Hej då (Goodbye) was just stuff that after a certain amount of time just came naturally but when people spoke, i would always stand there and quickly try and translate what they said to English and then give my response after i had tried to translate what i would say into Swedish. So when i realised i was quite taken a back by it, in the way of what the hell i'm not translating for a change.

So it's quite a breakthrough i must admit and it has kind of shown that if i just relax and forget about the stupid stuff i can actually just enjoy the language.

But anyways that was my breakthrough for today, so until next time have a great day!

Friday, 20 April 2012


Just thought i would make a short post today, as i really don't have anything to talk about.. Yea i know my life is so boring that nothing ever happens for me to blog about but as i said in my previous post, i have quite a lot happening over the next few months so be prepared to have much to read :)

But for today i thought i would just let you know that since Instagram has finally came to Android (Let me hear you cheer!!) i am now officially on that as well so if you want to follow me then feel free. 
But be warned i have only started using it so there is not alot of pictures up yet, but i can say one thing and that is once the summer breaks you can be rest assured that it will have many many many more pictures!

So if you want to follow me then just search for TheAngryScot and i'm sure you will come across me :)

But until next time have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Busy Few Months Ahead!

Well it seems that these next few months are shaping up to be quite the busy period for myself and all in the best possible way.
You can possibly recall i wrote a blog post about how living in the sticks or as i like to call it Hillbilly Town really can suck sometimes because a very close friend of mine who i met while playing the game everyone loves to hate World Of Warcraft was unable to come and visit me after looking into it. I got pretty down about this because i have been wanting to meet this person in real life since well the first day i met him really which was around about 4 years ago coming on 5 i believe.
So anyways... The company he worked for made redundant alot of people and he was one of them that decided to take it and is now moving back from Ireland to London so because of this he will not be able to get a direct flight from London all the way over to Sweden without having any lay overs or anything like this so on the 10th May he will be arriving in Göteborg Airport and i will finally get to meet him! So happy happy times! Best thing is the next day is my 29th Birthday as well so it will be special to have such a close friend that i have never met in real life to be there for it.

Then to add on to that, a couple of weeks after he leaves all the kids will be breaking off school for the summer holidays, which hopefully will mean lots of nice sunny days spent outside in the pool while i sit back and chill out with them and possibly even get back to reading my books that i still have sitting here unfinished.

I know how dare i have books that i haven't finished reading, but when you have a fiancée like mines who refuses to let me read at night in bed, because it means i have to have the bedside lamp on then it doesn't really give me all that much time :) I could possibly do it during the day but then i always end up with other things to do.

And then we move onto the final thing, which is probably the thing i am the most excited about and that is that at the end of August the whole family will be flying over to Scotland to visit my parents, i think this is probably the thing i'm most excited about because i haven't seen my Mum or Dad and dare i say it, yes i do! Sister! in nearly 2 years, which if you are as close to your Mum as i am really really really sucks big time.

So you could say that i'm really excited about the upcoming few months, if everything goes to plan then it's looking to be one great couple of months, now if only i could find a job within those few months to i think that would make it even more special, but we shall have to see on that front as of right now there doesn't seem to be all that many going around.

But until next time i hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So i haven't actually had a really good rant in a while, so i decided that i would have to change that and low and behold when i login to Facebook in the morning to check on what's been happening with all my friends and family i'm faced with the same stupid and self obsessed messages like always.

I get that some people like to broadcast their whole life on this thing, hell i do it most of the time to. But normally when i post it's about happy things and stuff the kids have done that's made me giggle, and then on occasions i write a few things here and there about why this and that sucks so bad! But when i login and all i see is the same messages from the same people i get the massive urge to want to click the delete friend button.
You might be wondering what sort of messages make me want to delete people from my facebook? Well simply the ones that you see on a daily basis complaining over and over and over again about how much their lives suck and why is life so hard, i mean seriously!!!

Is really that bad? Is the whole world really against you and wishes that you didn't exist? 

Or is the bottom line your sitting at home bored out your face with nothing to do so instead you think it's a better idea to spam the hell out of your Facebook wall about how terrible your life really is without even saying why it actually sucks? 
What is it for? Attention, congratulations you got my attention and it's telling me delete this person from your friends list.

Don't get me wrong life can be tough, hell my life is no bag of roses and days i feel like crawling up into a little ball somewhere and just lying there, but do i run to my Facebook page and spam it like crazy about how crap life can be? No.. I look for ways to change it, look for ways to improve it and then before i even do that i take a second and look at the wall in my livingroom and see the pictures of my 3 amazing kids who although drive me completely and utterly loopy and make me want to visit a asylum and realise "Hey, you know what life ain't that bad after all"

I think what makes it worse is that alot of time these comments are coming from young people, and i know i'm still young but i'm talking teenage to mid 20's, i mean life is just beginning so get a fricken grip and lay of with your stupid comments life ain't that bad, you have your health, you have your family and you have many many years to see why life can really suck.

Possibly alot of people will disagree with me, but trust me if you had some of the people i have on my Facebook page and read the comments on a daily basis, and i don't just mean once a day but quite a few times a day you would probably understand more, i could delete them from my profile, but some of them are pretty close to me so deleting them wouldn't be nice. Since even though they are driving me more insane than my children do they're still people i like.

But that's my rant for today, i am unsure if there will be a post tomorrow as i've got a few things planned but i will try my best. So until next time HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Why Is It Always Him?

So for the last few weeks i have been in two minds whether or not my son was actually deaf or if he was just being plane ignorant, so last weekend as Marie was giving the boys a shower before they headed off to their grandparents to celebrate Easter with them we got our answer... Neither of my two original thoughts were correct.
Safe to say i felt a bit stupid again, and as you probably can gather that is a regular occurrence in my house :)

As i said Marie had showered the boys are was clearing out their ears when she shouted me through to the bathroom, and what did i find when i got there? I found that my son Max in his legendary wisdom had decided that putting a those pearls that kids make jewellery out into his ear was a fantastic idea! So what was meant to be a nice day trip to their grandparents to celebrate Easter ended up spent in the hospital awaiting to have it removed since we were unable to.

What was even more strange about the whole thing, was when the doctor removed it at the hospital he said that it could have been sitting in his ear up to 6 months without us even realising it, now Marie likes to keep the boys clean, regular showers and cleans there ears etc so i have no idea how we never spotted it until now it must have been stuck way way deep into his ear and perhaps she had even managed to push it in even further i have no idea.

But it's out now and i think once more he has learned a valuable lesson, in fact i'm pretty sure by the time Max actually grows up and leaves the house he's going to have more knowledge than any other kid in the word, since if it's going to happen to one of our kids your a easy bet that it will be him.

But until next time, have a great day!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Kids Love It!

So after a pretty much downer post yesterday, i decided that today should be filled with some fun and family adventure and let's just say i couldn't stop laughing! Not laughing at my children of course but with them ;)

So the other week i wrote a blog post saying that my Xbox Kinect had arrived in the post and although i didn't think the kids could play the Dance Central 2 game Marie finally convinced me to let them have a go.

I have to say they really really surprised me when it came to following the moves that was displayed on the TV and they absolutely loved it! they even managed to get a couple of FLAWLESS moves which i have no idea how but they did! and i got to say it was rather amusing watching them give it all, i mean they didn't just stand like stiff little boys waving their arms around, they really went in for it trying there hardest to get it right.

I did have 2 video's but for some reason one of the video's is Copyrighted apparently so it will not let me display it, or at least not in all countries, so you will just have to do with the one above that i manage to get posted and enjoy them going at it ;)

But i think that's it for today, i just thought that you guys would enjoy watching my 2 little boys go half at it on Dance Central 2, just remember when you think your kids can't do something or handle something give it a chance like me you may be surprised by the outcome. 

So until next time.....

Monday, 2 April 2012


As you probably gathered i haven't been around for a few days, this was mostly because as you were aware i was at a Job Interview last week. Infact it was my first ever one in Swedish and although i thought it went well i'm guessing down in the deepest parts of my gut i knew that i didn't get it and although i knew i hadn't got the job before he even phoned me i was still praying that this would be the time i would move forward and actually get somewhere.

However, it wasn't to be.......

I received a call on Wednesday from Mattias at Rusta informing me that i hadn't got the job...............

I had always said to Marie "Aslong as i get a Interview i will be happy! it's a step forward!" And although that was my feeling all the way up until i got this interview the blow that i took when i was rejected was massive and was something i wasn't expected, I don't know why i felt the way i did when i received but i felt like a failure, i felt like i had let my kids and my partner down. This was my one shot! and i felt like i had completely blown it and not just for myself but for everyone else here who is counting on me.
I know that they don't feel like that, and i know that Marie was really proud of me for getting the interview in the first place and for going and doing my best, but the feeling of failure is not something that i know very well. 

Sure i have been rejected jobs in the past but not that many infact "ONE" but this one hit me hard because i need it and needed it badly.

But as i said it wasn't to be and i have finally gotten over the fact that i was rejected, i asked him why i didn't get chosen and his response was experience, personally i could have taken this if it wasn't for the fact:

  1. It was shop work, and no offence to anyone working in a shop but how hard is it to learn how to use a shop till and serve customers.
  2. I have been working in Customer Services and dealing with Customers for over 7 years, not including the 4 years+ that i was a Instructor teaching TaeKwon-Do, so i'm fully aware of how to deal with customers.
  3. He said during the interview that all members of staff would be getting trained on everything.
So for him to turn around and say it was because they had other candidates with more experience i felt a bit of a cop out in all honesty, but either way there is no point crying over spilled milk as they say, i have to pick myself back up and get moving along and know that there is always something else out there and i know that there is a nice Swedish company out there just looking for me and ready to give me a chance.

But that is all for today folks, it's a bit disappointing but that is the life in the unemployment game, i might be loosing at it right now but i know with a little determination and hard work something will come up!