Monday, 2 April 2012


As you probably gathered i haven't been around for a few days, this was mostly because as you were aware i was at a Job Interview last week. Infact it was my first ever one in Swedish and although i thought it went well i'm guessing down in the deepest parts of my gut i knew that i didn't get it and although i knew i hadn't got the job before he even phoned me i was still praying that this would be the time i would move forward and actually get somewhere.

However, it wasn't to be.......

I received a call on Wednesday from Mattias at Rusta informing me that i hadn't got the job...............

I had always said to Marie "Aslong as i get a Interview i will be happy! it's a step forward!" And although that was my feeling all the way up until i got this interview the blow that i took when i was rejected was massive and was something i wasn't expected, I don't know why i felt the way i did when i received but i felt like a failure, i felt like i had let my kids and my partner down. This was my one shot! and i felt like i had completely blown it and not just for myself but for everyone else here who is counting on me.
I know that they don't feel like that, and i know that Marie was really proud of me for getting the interview in the first place and for going and doing my best, but the feeling of failure is not something that i know very well. 

Sure i have been rejected jobs in the past but not that many infact "ONE" but this one hit me hard because i need it and needed it badly.

But as i said it wasn't to be and i have finally gotten over the fact that i was rejected, i asked him why i didn't get chosen and his response was experience, personally i could have taken this if it wasn't for the fact:

  1. It was shop work, and no offence to anyone working in a shop but how hard is it to learn how to use a shop till and serve customers.
  2. I have been working in Customer Services and dealing with Customers for over 7 years, not including the 4 years+ that i was a Instructor teaching TaeKwon-Do, so i'm fully aware of how to deal with customers.
  3. He said during the interview that all members of staff would be getting trained on everything.
So for him to turn around and say it was because they had other candidates with more experience i felt a bit of a cop out in all honesty, but either way there is no point crying over spilled milk as they say, i have to pick myself back up and get moving along and know that there is always something else out there and i know that there is a nice Swedish company out there just looking for me and ready to give me a chance.

But that is all for today folks, it's a bit disappointing but that is the life in the unemployment game, i might be loosing at it right now but i know with a little determination and hard work something will come up!


marilyn said...

their loss so just move on and forget about them ;) they cant give one job to everyone so you wont be alone on this, the more interviews you get the better and always remember youre as good as anyone else

Shan@FamilyBringsJoy said...

I agree with Marilyn. :) Chin Up!