Monday, 16 April 2012

Why Is It Always Him?

So for the last few weeks i have been in two minds whether or not my son was actually deaf or if he was just being plane ignorant, so last weekend as Marie was giving the boys a shower before they headed off to their grandparents to celebrate Easter with them we got our answer... Neither of my two original thoughts were correct.
Safe to say i felt a bit stupid again, and as you probably can gather that is a regular occurrence in my house :)

As i said Marie had showered the boys are was clearing out their ears when she shouted me through to the bathroom, and what did i find when i got there? I found that my son Max in his legendary wisdom had decided that putting a those pearls that kids make jewellery out into his ear was a fantastic idea! So what was meant to be a nice day trip to their grandparents to celebrate Easter ended up spent in the hospital awaiting to have it removed since we were unable to.

What was even more strange about the whole thing, was when the doctor removed it at the hospital he said that it could have been sitting in his ear up to 6 months without us even realising it, now Marie likes to keep the boys clean, regular showers and cleans there ears etc so i have no idea how we never spotted it until now it must have been stuck way way deep into his ear and perhaps she had even managed to push it in even further i have no idea.

But it's out now and i think once more he has learned a valuable lesson, in fact i'm pretty sure by the time Max actually grows up and leaves the house he's going to have more knowledge than any other kid in the word, since if it's going to happen to one of our kids your a easy bet that it will be him.

But until next time, have a great day!

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Jenny said...

LMAO aren't kids awesome? I'm waiting for the day mine does something so epic.