Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Kids Love It!

So after a pretty much downer post yesterday, i decided that today should be filled with some fun and family adventure and let's just say i couldn't stop laughing! Not laughing at my children of course but with them ;)

So the other week i wrote a blog post saying that my Xbox Kinect had arrived in the post and although i didn't think the kids could play the Dance Central 2 game Marie finally convinced me to let them have a go.

I have to say they really really surprised me when it came to following the moves that was displayed on the TV and they absolutely loved it! they even managed to get a couple of FLAWLESS moves which i have no idea how but they did! and i got to say it was rather amusing watching them give it all, i mean they didn't just stand like stiff little boys waving their arms around, they really went in for it trying there hardest to get it right.

I did have 2 video's but for some reason one of the video's is Copyrighted apparently so it will not let me display it, or at least not in all countries, so you will just have to do with the one above that i manage to get posted and enjoy them going at it ;)

But i think that's it for today, i just thought that you guys would enjoy watching my 2 little boys go half at it on Dance Central 2, just remember when you think your kids can't do something or handle something give it a chance like me you may be surprised by the outcome. 

So until next time.....


mum said...

I loved watching them :-)I think they might be able to give you and Marie a run for your money Lol

Laken said...

That was complete class like lol mum about killed herself watching it again :-D