Me & My Family

Hi and welcome to The Angry Scot blog, my name is Ben and i'm a 29 year old man who originally is from that very wet and often cold country Scotland in the United Kingdom, however 6 years ago i met the woman of my dreams Marie and moved over the water to live in the very hot and sunny country of Sweden.

So now i live here with my fiancĂ©e Marie and our three amazing children and our Siberian Husky (Kaiser):

Alexander & Maximus
Although my two little boys are supposed to be identical twins, i have yet to see any resemblance in both features and nature, although that is exactly how i like it. You have Alexander who is more of the caring and sensitive child, and then you have Maximus who is more the straight up type of child, who is not afraid to speak his mind and tell you how it is.

And then you have Mikaela, my absolutely beautiful 15 year old girl, she is the type of person that keeps everything to herself, although is a very outgoing person when she is around friends and family. She is extremely intelligent but often at times likes to play what i refer to as the "Dumb Blond" although she is far from that. 

My four legged partner in crime, Kaiser the Siberian Husky. Out of all my children i think he is the biggest child of them all, he's always up to something he shouldn't be but is very quick to make your heart melt with a look.