Saturday, 25 August 2012


So the days are drawing in quick and fast and now it's only 4 days until i head off to Göteborg airport with Marie and the kids to take a flight over to Scotland!!

I have to admit that i am really excited about flying over, it could have something to do with the fact that i haven't actually been back over to my homeland in around 3 years, and although i have been able to still see my parents and sister since they have been flying over here for visits (Well except for last year, so now it's been one year since i have seen them too), i have been unfortunately unable to see my grandparents.

I did however last Christmas make the effort and have a Skype call with them all since my Mum & Dad had invited my grandparents over to their house for Christmas dinner, so although i was unable to be there and see them i did get to see and talk to them over video chat which was really nice, and actually made me realise how much i missed them. I should really make more of a effort to keep in better contact with my grandparents even if it is just sending them a e-mail every once in a while but you know how life is. You get caught up with this and that and before you know it time has slipped by and it's been years since you last spoke to someone.
But i think after my trip i'm going to try and make a better effort, and maybe give them a call once a month or something to just to see how they are doing and things like that, but i think it's going to be awesome to be over there again and see them.

Not only will i get to see all my family and hopefully some of my friends when i fly over but i also get the chance to meet up with a very special someone in my life, now i think by now that most of my readers know nearly everything about my life but something i'm pretty sure nobody knows except for very close family and friends that read my blog is that i have a son called Louis over in Scotland.
Unfortunately due to things completely out of my control i lost contact with him for over 3 years, i think the last time i spoke to him he was turning 9 years old and obviously the reason i have never ever wrote anything about him on here is because it was a very sore subject as i hadn't seen or spoke to him in that length of time. But a very good friend of mines managed to get us back in contact and after speaking to my son's mum he finally got in touch with me over Facebook and we had a good chat.

So not only am i going over and having the opportunity to see my family and some of my friends i haven't seen in 3 years i am also getting the chance to meet up with my son Louis. If i'm truly honest, i have some mixed feelings about this, i didn't a few weeks or even days back but as the days are drawing in i have found myself getting both nervous and scared but at the same time extremely happy. Although it's going to be strange seeing his since i haven't seen him in 3 years and my once little boy is now grown up and is nearly a teenager, but i'm sure it's going to be awesome and i just cannot wait!

So now you know a little bit more about me! As i said i would have wrote about him earlier but the fact we had lost contact and i was unable to do anything about it, made the subject of him really painful to even consider writing about, but now... Well things are looking up, i have this trip to Scotland and hopefully this is a good opportunity to build some bridges again.

My Son a few years back, sorry but don't have a up to date picture at the moment :(
But for now i'm going to head off, we have alot of stuff to get done since we will need to do all our packing this weekend as myself and Marie are both working Monday & Tuesday and our flight is on the Wednesday which means we have no chance in hell of packing any time before our flight.

But if you would like to keep up to date with everything that is happening while i'm over in Scotland with my family then don't forget to head over to The Angry Scot Facebook Page or follow me on Instagram (@theangryscot) as i will be posting up stuff on them all the time!

But until next time! Have a great weekend and a great week ahead!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Deal With The Devil

So it's been a good week and a bit now since my last post, i had actually planned to post something up but with being tired like mad every night when i come in from work and the fact nothing is actually been happening in my day to day life i decided that it would be best to just hold off on writing something, since i would much rather put out something that everyone wants to read, rather than just some random crap that nobody is really interested in.
Hell you probably won't be interested in this post, but hey maybe you will!

For the last few months i have been desperately wanting to get my hands on a iPhone for many reasons but the main one being that i'm totally sick to the back teeth of Android, i know it's probably my phone that is totally and utterly a pile of junk but i'm going to blame it on the whole Android series of telephones rather than just mines.
I mean i can barely do anything on my phone without it locking up, restarting itself and just generally being a pile of crap, i mean i have to literally take out the battery every few days because the whole mobile just locks up and that's me only attempting to activate the internet on my phone.
I've downloaded games to play while sitting bored and most of them don't even run, Temple run for example i can install it and play it but i die on the first corner because the phone lags that much, and then i noticed that i could install Plants vs Zombies which is a truly epic game, so i went ahead and bought it from the play store installed it and began playing, after the first 2 levels the phone restarted itself randomly and now every time i attempt to play the damn game i get half way through a level and boom phone restarts.

So i basically put out money for a game that i cannot even play, yeehaa?

So i started to look into iPhones and then made a deal with the devil........

The Devil In Her Nurses Uniform
Ok she's not the devil, it's my lovely fiancée and she's not even close to being a devil.

But your probably wondering what is this deal?

Well... i have said that if she gets me a iPhone 4s then the day after i have it in my hands i will stop smoking completely! This is going to be quite a tall order for me since i have smoked for so long but i reckon i can do it and it will be worth it to actually have a phone i can do stuff on without it saying nah i'm going to restart on you because it's fun!
Plus we would save alot of money, so it's like a investment on her behalf you could say, she spends a bit of money like you do in business to gain a huge amount of cash back, i mean seriously me along i smoke for about £1,300+ per year (13,500kr) so be able to save that every year would be quite awesome!
Not only that i would become more healthy!

So it's like awesome in every way, i will be happy because i have a phone that actually works and does what i wants it to do plus more, we get to save a tonne of cash every year and i get more healthy! it's like a win win win deal.

I'm not saying that stopping smoking is going to be easy, because i really think i'm going to have problems with it, lucky enough for me we have SNUS over here, now i hear the rants of that's cheating, but let me finish i will stop smoking and use SNUS for the first few weeks and then slowly come off that until i'm nicotine free.

So we shall see! I think it was a pretty good deal myself ;)

But for now i'm going to head off, i was planning on cutting the grass today but the stupid weather has decided to bless us with rain so that's a not go.

But until next time!...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


So i got some good news that made me jump up in the air and scream "YEEEEHAAAA!" and thought that i would make sometime when i got home to let all you guys know as well since i am so happy about it.

Anyways... i had contacted my contact person at the local job centre and asked for 3 months extra on my praktikplats, i actually think i wrote about it a few weeks back but anyways, i was sitting in the lunch room today chatting away with one of my work mates when he asked:

"Have you got 3 months extra then? or are you still waiting" of course i replied with that i was still waiting and that my handler person had only started back yesterday but then i decided to head out for a cigarette and thought that i would give her another e-mail and ask her how it was going with it, i didn't expect much a reply since as i said she only came back off her holiday yesterday so the chances of her looking at my e-mail or dealing with it was pretty slim.

But a couple of hours later i decided to head outside and check my e-mails on the chance that she had decided to reply with at least that she was dealing with it.

However the response was even better than i expected, not only had she looked at my e-mail she had also dealt with it already and was planning on e-mailing me back today at some point. But the news was that i have gotten my extra 3 Months!!!!!!!! along with the week off i needed to go back to Scotland for a week to visit my folks etc!

So that's awesome, i have to admit i was pretty worried about it and it had been playing on my mind these last few weeks, so to finally have it dealt with is just a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, so now i can work the next 3 weeks and head off to Scotland then know that when i come back to Sweden that i shall be starting back to work the next day!
Instead of coming back to sitting on the couch and being depressed again :)

So i'm on cloud 9 at the moment and life couldn't get better! well it could, they could fully employee me where i'm currently working but i guess that's not going to happen, but least i have 3 months extra which could hopefully end up with employment at the end of that!

Happy Happy Happy!

But i just thought i would share my awesome news with you all, but for now i'm going to head off and eat some food and watch some TV with my beautiful partner before heading off to bed, i might have a blog post to release tomorrow but it will depend on how i feel when i get home from work, so keep a eye out :)

So until next time... Happy AngryScot is Happy!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sommarland Trip!

Yesterday we took our annual trip with the boys to Skara Sommarland, it's a gigantic amusement park that we are just so lucky enough to get free tickets to every year so that we can take the family + one extra person, but like always Mikaela our oldest daughter always ends up going with a friend on her own since well hanging out with her twin brothers and mum and dad is not exactly what she considers a fun activity.
So instead of coming with us and being bored all day watching the boys or taking the boys on slow rides etc she opts now to go herself with a friend of hers so that she can go on what she wants and go in the big water park that the boys have no interest in going to.

I have to admit that although it's quite disappointing that she doesn't want to come and spend time with the family it is quite nice to have some quality time with the twins, and to be honest it's probably the one time in the whole year that we can actually have 2 well behaved children who don't try and get up to anything they shouldn't be and this year was even better as they have now grown up a little and with growing up they have also grown in height which meant they were able to go on a few other rides that they didn't get the chance to go on last year.

But out of everything they were now able to go on, i think they were most excited that they were now long enough to be able to go on the Indy Carts...

Myself personally was a bit worried about this, like i always am when it comes to the twins and trying new stuff, especially things that include a motor. In my head i expected that before they even reached the first corner the cars would be upside down in a ball of flames with my boys climbing out the rubble, but once more they proved me wrong.

They had an absolute amazing time, and Maximus even managed to win 2 out of the 3 races he was in, they don't actually win anything and it's just about having fun but i have never seen Max smile so much in his whole life, i honestly think he's found is calling in life.. Ok probably not but he seemed to enjoy it the best out of every attraction he went on, but of course what kid wouldn't like driving around in a motorised buggy.

But i think out of the whole day the only thing that was remotely disappointing about the whole day was that the fact i had to sit for just about a hour waiting on some food, although at least i got to sit there while Marie stood in the queue to order it haha.

Overall it was a totally amazing day out with the boys and i'm more than sure they had a blast as well, they even managed to win themselves a couple of stuffed teddies and i won them 1 each as well.

Now they are just looking forward to their birthday which is in a couple of weeks and then our trip over to Scotland at the end of the month!

But i think that is everything for today, I shall leave you all with some more pictures that i took while we were there so enjoy ;)

So until next time....

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I'm A Addict!

So from the title and the picture i guess you already have a pretty good idea what this blog post will be about hehe.

Well i stated up Instagram a good while back, but at first i hardly ever used it and by hardly i mean i think in total i uploaded about 5 pictures and the only people i actually followed with 2 of my close friends that i had met online, apart from that i did nothing with it. Infact i didn't even login into it until my fiancée Marie got her Android phone and we both started to take pictures and upload them quickly frequently, at least one of 2 per day.

Now i find myself absolutely addicted to it, i just got over 500 followers today and i'm following around the same amount, but it just fascinates me that only a few months back i couldn't give a monkeys about it and now today? i literally have to login every time i get a chance to, to look at everyone's pictures and like that. I honestly have gotten to the stage that i think about Instagram more than anything else..

I think i have a problem, unfortunately so does Marie, she has kind of given up on it at the moment but i'm guessing she will come back to it eventually, me? well i'm a damn mission and i have no idea why, i think it's just another way for me to connect to people something i have to admit i really enjoy.
I have gotten to know a few more people over it now, not surprised when i'm following 500+ people but it's just amazing looking at all their pictures, and no i'm not talking about all these silly girls that take 1000 pictures of themselves in the mirror with the duck lips or stuff like that, but real people that take really nice pictures of things around them.

What really amazes me is that most of the people i follow use the iPhone 4s to take the pictures and seriously the quality of these images make me sick, they are absolutely unreal, i mean seriously some of them you would think was taking with a high priced system camera, and it makes me wonder.
Is mobile photography the new thing that is going to take over the world?

I have to admit that now every time i'm out and around i'm always looking at stuff around me, stuff i would normally not give a monkeys about and just walk on by and thinking to myself damn! i wish i had my mobile on me right now so i could snap a photo of that. Hey if it was up to me i would walk around with my mobile all day but in the line of work i'm in pulling and carrying heavy stuff around with me i can pretty much guarantee that it would be broken within about 5 minutes, so it's safer that i don't.'
But i have to admit i have really got addicted to both taking pictures and Instagram, it's just so amazing to see so many people like and comment about how nice your picture is, and the fact there is so many apps out there that you can download and edit your pictures to make them even more better.

So yea i think i have a serious problem guys, but i'm guessing i could have a worse addiction that taking and uploading pictures.

But if you would like to join me on this new addiction then you can download Instagram from the Iphone Store and the Play Store for android and don't forget to add me to your list @theangryscot.

But for now i'm going to head off, and have some dinner and then hopefully go to bed.

I am probably going to end up with a rant post about the bank tomorrow if i find myself with some spare time so keep a eye out for that, so until next time....