Saturday, 18 August 2012

Deal With The Devil

So it's been a good week and a bit now since my last post, i had actually planned to post something up but with being tired like mad every night when i come in from work and the fact nothing is actually been happening in my day to day life i decided that it would be best to just hold off on writing something, since i would much rather put out something that everyone wants to read, rather than just some random crap that nobody is really interested in.
Hell you probably won't be interested in this post, but hey maybe you will!

For the last few months i have been desperately wanting to get my hands on a iPhone for many reasons but the main one being that i'm totally sick to the back teeth of Android, i know it's probably my phone that is totally and utterly a pile of junk but i'm going to blame it on the whole Android series of telephones rather than just mines.
I mean i can barely do anything on my phone without it locking up, restarting itself and just generally being a pile of crap, i mean i have to literally take out the battery every few days because the whole mobile just locks up and that's me only attempting to activate the internet on my phone.
I've downloaded games to play while sitting bored and most of them don't even run, Temple run for example i can install it and play it but i die on the first corner because the phone lags that much, and then i noticed that i could install Plants vs Zombies which is a truly epic game, so i went ahead and bought it from the play store installed it and began playing, after the first 2 levels the phone restarted itself randomly and now every time i attempt to play the damn game i get half way through a level and boom phone restarts.

So i basically put out money for a game that i cannot even play, yeehaa?

So i started to look into iPhones and then made a deal with the devil........

The Devil In Her Nurses Uniform
Ok she's not the devil, it's my lovely fiancée and she's not even close to being a devil.

But your probably wondering what is this deal?

Well... i have said that if she gets me a iPhone 4s then the day after i have it in my hands i will stop smoking completely! This is going to be quite a tall order for me since i have smoked for so long but i reckon i can do it and it will be worth it to actually have a phone i can do stuff on without it saying nah i'm going to restart on you because it's fun!
Plus we would save alot of money, so it's like a investment on her behalf you could say, she spends a bit of money like you do in business to gain a huge amount of cash back, i mean seriously me along i smoke for about £1,300+ per year (13,500kr) so be able to save that every year would be quite awesome!
Not only that i would become more healthy!

So it's like awesome in every way, i will be happy because i have a phone that actually works and does what i wants it to do plus more, we get to save a tonne of cash every year and i get more healthy! it's like a win win win deal.

I'm not saying that stopping smoking is going to be easy, because i really think i'm going to have problems with it, lucky enough for me we have SNUS over here, now i hear the rants of that's cheating, but let me finish i will stop smoking and use SNUS for the first few weeks and then slowly come off that until i'm nicotine free.

So we shall see! I think it was a pretty good deal myself ;)

But for now i'm going to head off, i was planning on cutting the grass today but the stupid weather has decided to bless us with rain so that's a not go.

But until next time!...


Peter McCormack said...

Ben, Ben, Ben... Blaming Android for this is like blaming windows for not being able to play Battlefield 3 on ultra on your 386 Pentium 2 computer from 1997 :P But yeah, Go for it, always good to get rid of an addiction :D

The Angry Scot said...

To true but to be honest, i have had 2 android phones so far the first one i choose was a bit daft on my part it had a small screen and quarty keyboard and i didn't know anything about specs etc so i thought all apps ran on all android devices, the second one i got i thought had awesome specs and when i seen and played with Marie's it seemed really good so i got one myself... BIG MISTAKE it's totally crap and the statement "you pay for what you get" definitely is 100% true.

So i'm done with Android devices, i have no doubt in my mind if i bought a S3 or something along those lines i wouldn't have any problems but as i said i'm done with them. I'm going to apple and i'm more than sure that is where i stay once i get my hands on one, unfortunately we don't have the cash the now and with the trip over to Scotland this month we won't have the cash this month either, so it's going to be a small wait for it by the looks of things which really sucks.
(Jag tänkte att köpa en på abonomang, men jag har 4000kr skuld så tyvärr kan jag inte göra. Annars skulle jag ha gjort det)

So yea kind of sucks but oh well such is life i guess :)

Peter McCormack said...

Or you could just quit smoking and put the money towards a new phone as in a smoking jar, anytime time you would have gotten a new pack of smokes just put a 50 in it :P

The Angry Scot said...

That would take almost a year :/ screw that.. :P

Rasmus Ringdahl said...

Hehe.... i guess you got quite a crapy phone there ;)
But i guess the win win from stop smoking makes the deal with the devil good ;)
Use that money to go to Dreamhack with us next year ^^

Debbie said...

Good Luck I hope you get your iPhone soon, it will be good for your health. LOL

ginavalley said...

Sounds like a great way to get the inspiration to quit! Good for you! Good luck!

pammustard said...

Get the book Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking and read it. It is not too long and he tells you to keep smoking until the end of the book. It is very helpful! Go buy it!