Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I'm A Addict!

So from the title and the picture i guess you already have a pretty good idea what this blog post will be about hehe.

Well i stated up Instagram a good while back, but at first i hardly ever used it and by hardly i mean i think in total i uploaded about 5 pictures and the only people i actually followed with 2 of my close friends that i had met online, apart from that i did nothing with it. Infact i didn't even login into it until my fiancĂ©e Marie got her Android phone and we both started to take pictures and upload them quickly frequently, at least one of 2 per day.

Now i find myself absolutely addicted to it, i just got over 500 followers today and i'm following around the same amount, but it just fascinates me that only a few months back i couldn't give a monkeys about it and now today? i literally have to login every time i get a chance to, to look at everyone's pictures and like that. I honestly have gotten to the stage that i think about Instagram more than anything else..

I think i have a problem, unfortunately so does Marie, she has kind of given up on it at the moment but i'm guessing she will come back to it eventually, me? well i'm a damn mission and i have no idea why, i think it's just another way for me to connect to people something i have to admit i really enjoy.
I have gotten to know a few more people over it now, not surprised when i'm following 500+ people but it's just amazing looking at all their pictures, and no i'm not talking about all these silly girls that take 1000 pictures of themselves in the mirror with the duck lips or stuff like that, but real people that take really nice pictures of things around them.

What really amazes me is that most of the people i follow use the iPhone 4s to take the pictures and seriously the quality of these images make me sick, they are absolutely unreal, i mean seriously some of them you would think was taking with a high priced system camera, and it makes me wonder.
Is mobile photography the new thing that is going to take over the world?

I have to admit that now every time i'm out and around i'm always looking at stuff around me, stuff i would normally not give a monkeys about and just walk on by and thinking to myself damn! i wish i had my mobile on me right now so i could snap a photo of that. Hey if it was up to me i would walk around with my mobile all day but in the line of work i'm in pulling and carrying heavy stuff around with me i can pretty much guarantee that it would be broken within about 5 minutes, so it's safer that i don't.'
But i have to admit i have really got addicted to both taking pictures and Instagram, it's just so amazing to see so many people like and comment about how nice your picture is, and the fact there is so many apps out there that you can download and edit your pictures to make them even more better.

So yea i think i have a serious problem guys, but i'm guessing i could have a worse addiction that taking and uploading pictures.

But if you would like to join me on this new addiction then you can download Instagram from the Iphone Store and the Play Store for android and don't forget to add me to your list @theangryscot.

But for now i'm going to head off, and have some dinner and then hopefully go to bed.

I am probably going to end up with a rant post about the bank tomorrow if i find myself with some spare time so keep a eye out for that, so until next time....


Shan said...

Holy COW! 500 followers in one day? What in the heck did you post? I'm an addict as well. So much fun seeing life through another persons lens. I'm @familybringsjoy

The Angry Scot said...

Haha no not in one day! took a few months but i totally agree with you. It's great to see life through others eyes/lens.
Have now started following you, so feel free to do the same :)

Lilliana Gonzalez said...

Wow... 500 followers. I have been additcted to IG for a while and have only 66 followers. I follow 129. I must be doing something wrong. What's your secret? Lots of hash tags? Games, Photo-a-day's... there's so much going on in Instagram that you must have found the magic formula. :-)
You can find me at @lptexas (AKA: My Tots Travel). Looking forward to your pictures.

The Angry Scot said...

Yea it's amazing fun as for my secret, well i just follow people that have good following to followers ratio, for example i never follow anyone who follows 20 people and has 2000 people following them, even if they add me first because 100% of the time they will start to unfollow you straight after you follow them.
So i think i follow about 30 people with that ratio but it's people who i want to see their photo's, not these chicks who take 100 pictures of themselves in the mirror everyday with those stupid ducklips saying am i gorgeous?
Other than that i use i think the website is to pick out which tags im going to use and if i can use different ones then i just switch them out after a hour :)
Since doing it i've gone up loads of followers and not to mention people liking my stuff :)
Which makes it even more fun!

Hope it helps.