Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sommarland Trip!

Yesterday we took our annual trip with the boys to Skara Sommarland, it's a gigantic amusement park that we are just so lucky enough to get free tickets to every year so that we can take the family + one extra person, but like always Mikaela our oldest daughter always ends up going with a friend on her own since well hanging out with her twin brothers and mum and dad is not exactly what she considers a fun activity.
So instead of coming with us and being bored all day watching the boys or taking the boys on slow rides etc she opts now to go herself with a friend of hers so that she can go on what she wants and go in the big water park that the boys have no interest in going to.

I have to admit that although it's quite disappointing that she doesn't want to come and spend time with the family it is quite nice to have some quality time with the twins, and to be honest it's probably the one time in the whole year that we can actually have 2 well behaved children who don't try and get up to anything they shouldn't be and this year was even better as they have now grown up a little and with growing up they have also grown in height which meant they were able to go on a few other rides that they didn't get the chance to go on last year.

But out of everything they were now able to go on, i think they were most excited that they were now long enough to be able to go on the Indy Carts...

Myself personally was a bit worried about this, like i always am when it comes to the twins and trying new stuff, especially things that include a motor. In my head i expected that before they even reached the first corner the cars would be upside down in a ball of flames with my boys climbing out the rubble, but once more they proved me wrong.

They had an absolute amazing time, and Maximus even managed to win 2 out of the 3 races he was in, they don't actually win anything and it's just about having fun but i have never seen Max smile so much in his whole life, i honestly think he's found is calling in life.. Ok probably not but he seemed to enjoy it the best out of every attraction he went on, but of course what kid wouldn't like driving around in a motorised buggy.

But i think out of the whole day the only thing that was remotely disappointing about the whole day was that the fact i had to sit for just about a hour waiting on some food, although at least i got to sit there while Marie stood in the queue to order it haha.

Overall it was a totally amazing day out with the boys and i'm more than sure they had a blast as well, they even managed to win themselves a couple of stuffed teddies and i won them 1 each as well.

Now they are just looking forward to their birthday which is in a couple of weeks and then our trip over to Scotland at the end of the month!

But i think that is everything for today, I shall leave you all with some more pictures that i took while we were there so enjoy ;)

So until next time....

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