Friday, 20 April 2012


Just thought i would make a short post today, as i really don't have anything to talk about.. Yea i know my life is so boring that nothing ever happens for me to blog about but as i said in my previous post, i have quite a lot happening over the next few months so be prepared to have much to read :)

But for today i thought i would just let you know that since Instagram has finally came to Android (Let me hear you cheer!!) i am now officially on that as well so if you want to follow me then feel free. 
But be warned i have only started using it so there is not alot of pictures up yet, but i can say one thing and that is once the summer breaks you can be rest assured that it will have many many many more pictures!

So if you want to follow me then just search for TheAngryScot and i'm sure you will come across me :)

But until next time have a great weekend!!!

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femme magazine said...

This application is COOL 'coz I can be able to change my normal photo unto a beautiful / amazing photos.. But is there anymore choices for instagram android which we can use?! Thanks.. :)