Thursday, 19 April 2012

Busy Few Months Ahead!

Well it seems that these next few months are shaping up to be quite the busy period for myself and all in the best possible way.
You can possibly recall i wrote a blog post about how living in the sticks or as i like to call it Hillbilly Town really can suck sometimes because a very close friend of mine who i met while playing the game everyone loves to hate World Of Warcraft was unable to come and visit me after looking into it. I got pretty down about this because i have been wanting to meet this person in real life since well the first day i met him really which was around about 4 years ago coming on 5 i believe.
So anyways... The company he worked for made redundant alot of people and he was one of them that decided to take it and is now moving back from Ireland to London so because of this he will not be able to get a direct flight from London all the way over to Sweden without having any lay overs or anything like this so on the 10th May he will be arriving in Göteborg Airport and i will finally get to meet him! So happy happy times! Best thing is the next day is my 29th Birthday as well so it will be special to have such a close friend that i have never met in real life to be there for it.

Then to add on to that, a couple of weeks after he leaves all the kids will be breaking off school for the summer holidays, which hopefully will mean lots of nice sunny days spent outside in the pool while i sit back and chill out with them and possibly even get back to reading my books that i still have sitting here unfinished.

I know how dare i have books that i haven't finished reading, but when you have a fiancée like mines who refuses to let me read at night in bed, because it means i have to have the bedside lamp on then it doesn't really give me all that much time :) I could possibly do it during the day but then i always end up with other things to do.

And then we move onto the final thing, which is probably the thing i am the most excited about and that is that at the end of August the whole family will be flying over to Scotland to visit my parents, i think this is probably the thing i'm most excited about because i haven't seen my Mum or Dad and dare i say it, yes i do! Sister! in nearly 2 years, which if you are as close to your Mum as i am really really really sucks big time.

So you could say that i'm really excited about the upcoming few months, if everything goes to plan then it's looking to be one great couple of months, now if only i could find a job within those few months to i think that would make it even more special, but we shall have to see on that front as of right now there doesn't seem to be all that many going around.

But until next time i hope you all have a great day!


pammustard said...

All good news! Awesome!

mum said...

Looking forward to seeing you guy's in August to I think at the moment it seems to the only thing that seems to be keeping me going at the moment and really giving me something to be really excited about ......But really pleased at the fact you are really finally getting to met Kaeshan at last and yes it will make your birthday special.

Jenny said...

yay for meeting mates on WoW :P i've made a lot of friends through there :)