Tuesday, 27 March 2012


On Sunday i was sitting on the couch minding my own business looking at stuff on the internet when out the blue Marie who had been in the kitchen preparing breakfast (It was Waffle Sunday) came bursting through into the livingroom like a teenage girl my mobile in hand looking at me with the eyes of "HERE HERE HERE TAKE IT!!!!!!!!"
A bit curious as to why she was so exciting and running around like a teenage girl who has just been phoned to tell her that she has one some magnificent prize i took the phone to be surprised that it was a nice guy on the phone from a company that i had only the week before sent my CV into asking me if i would like to be able to come in for a interview the very next day (Yesterday).

Not a truer word spoken in my opinion!

If i'm totally honest, i HATE interview's i mean LOATHE them, even doing them in English i still found it was really hard, as i'm not that type of person that likes to sell himself, and now i was faced with doing it in a complete other language, let's just say nervousness doesn't really explain how i was feeling since the second i put the phone down on him after accepting it.

So pretty much Sunday i sat around with my stomach in my mouth and feeling more scared than i have ever in my entire life, but yesterday once i had finally got their everything disappeared. Unfortunately as the nerves left so did all the information on the company that i had been sitting reading and listening to over and over about 5 million times but i went in and i did what you can only do and tried my damn hardest.

The interview itself i cannot say how it went, i mean i'm normally pretty decent at reading people's reactions and getting a general idea about what they are thinking to my responses etc but this guy i could not read at all, but with every question he asked i was able to give a answer to, was it the answer he was looking for? i have no idea at all but i'm hoping that my Swedish was enough to convince him i'm the man for the job.

Pretty much after the interview i did what everyone does and sat there while waiting on the train home going over and over every question and every response i made, and you know that when you do that your always thinking "Shit! i shouldn't have said that, or Shit! i should have added this to my answer" but unfortunately you don't get a second chance with interview's or at least normally you don't so right now i'm just hoping that he understood what i was trying to put across and that i didn't come off as some jackass that he wouldn't hire in a million years.

I asked him at the end of the interview when we would be hearing, but his response was that he had a few other candidates to interview and then he would make his decision and get back to me as soon as he could, so now i'm sitting here in the house playing the waiting game..

Could this be the start of a new life? Could it finally mean that i am able to give my family the life they deserve? Or am i going to be going back to the drawing board and looking for other jobs to apply to?

The answer to these questions are all in the hands off a man that i sat in a room with for 1 hour and hoping that finally someone in this country say's "You know what, he perhaps messed up this and that question but i think i'm going to give him a chance and see what he can do for us!" That is currently all i can hope right now, but i got a interview and that is a huge step from 100 rejection letters so even if i don't get it which i'm hoping to the high heavens that i do, then at least i can sit back and say "You might not have got the job, but you got alot further in the process than you have done and you did all you could to try and secure the position"

But for now i think i shall bid everyone farewell and do what i've been doing since i came out of the interview, sitting by the phone praying that it rings and the man on the other end is saying "You Got The Job!!!"

So until next time, have a great day!


streff™ said...

Best of luck ;)

Jenny said...

ooo good luck :D hope it goes well!

Tiffany said...

Good Luck! I hope this is the break you have been looking for.

Rum Punch Drunk said...

C'mon, spill the beans. Did you get the job? I'm hoping for a yes. If no, then remember that there may be something better down the line. Don't ever give up hope, and I'm speaking from experience.