Monday, 12 March 2012

I Giggled...

I always find it funny when i wake up the next morning and i see a massive amount of snow, especially at this time of the year since it's very seldom that it actually happens, but what is even more amusing is that i am nearly 100% guaranteed to see a massive amount of my neighbours and people across the street out shovelling it away. Me Personally? Well at this time of the year i see absolutely no point in going out and spending 30/45 minutes of my day that i could be doing other things shovelling something that i know will be gone the next day and last week was no exception.

If you can recall i wrote a blog post on Thursday titled I Can't Believe It... and with it included photo's that i took on my phone as i walked the kids up to school, and of course with it came everyone and their auntie and uncle out shovelling the snow. I opted to not bother so outside the front of the house there was our home with snow outside and then all our neighbours with no snow at all.
So looking outside it did seem i was being rather lazy but again why go out and shovel snow that will be gone the next day?

So this morning although it's Monday i decided to take some more pictures, believe it or not the day after the snow had fallen aka Thursday this is how it looked the very next day, after we got a massive amount of rain during the night which then followed up by a lovely day of sun on the Friday, all i could think to myself was glad i decided to do other things, like sit on my ass in my lovely warm house and watch TV while everyone else was out in the freezing cold shovelling there path ways.

My neighbours might have looked at me and Marie as being lazy people who couldn't be bothered to go outside and shovel  their path clean of snow, but me? well i think i was being the smart one. Seriously i think people should really learn to check out the weather forecast and maybe then they wouldn't be so quick to jump outside and shovel away the elements will remove themselves the very next day lol.

So the moral to the story is basically if you get snow in March which is not very common over here do the smart thing before you put on your winter gear and take shovel in hand and check the weather for the next day, you might save yourself some time and effort.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell, so until next time have a great week..

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