Friday, 2 March 2012

Let Down Again

One thing that annoys me the most during life is when people let you down, i'm sure everyone has experienced it at some point during their life and hey probably still does on occasions, but it's something that really gets to me especially when the person is helping with you with something that is as important as finding employment.

I wrote yesterday that finally after being let down by my Job Coach on about 4 different occasions that i was going into town to meet her, so i got up yesterday and got the kids away to school and came back to sit and relax for a hour before jumping in the shower and making myself look at least half presentable. I'm currently looking a bit scruffy since i haven't been into town for a haircut and on top of that my fiancée refuses to let me shave, she let me grow it out a few months ago and now when i shave it she complains i look young. Can't quite understand why she complains that i look young, i mean i am only 28 years old (29 this year) so yea i am still young!

But just as i was getting out of the shower and drying myself off what happens, i hear the text message tone coming from my mobile, i originally thought when it went off that it would be Marie seeing as we had not long came off the phone and she had said she would text me with a list of what she wanted me to go and get from the store but of course when i unlocked the screen what is sitting there... Yes you guessed it, a text message from my Job Coach.

Translation: "Ben, Emergency I Can't Make It Today, Sorry!"
Now normally i wouldn't be that annoyed, however this is the 4th time since February that she is texted me after arranging a meeting to cancel on me. It turns out that she is pregnant and has been having complications so i can totally understand that sometimes she needs to cancel and especially if it concerns herself and needing to go to a doctor or whatever, even just laying in bed for the day. But when i got the text message i instantly texted her back saying that i hope everything was ok and that i hoped it was nothing to serious as she wrote "Emergency".

Turns out the emergency was something to do with a damn animal and nothing to do with her, now of course i don't want anything bad to her animal but surly her husband or something could have taken care of it instead of her having to cancel on me for the 4th time this year. As i said normally things like this wouldn't bother me especially with her telling me that she was pregnant but at the same time this is my life we're talking about and she is meant to be helping me so i think i have every right to be a bit annoyed.

I have now considered contacting her via e-mail and seeing if we can do these meetings via e-mail instead of her having to arrange to come out to Lidköping and meet me since nothing we do really requires us to meet face to face and see if it's possible, hopefully that will take some pressure of her and at the same time make it so that i ain't let down every other week with text messages saying she is unable to make it.

But i think that's my rant over the day, i hope everyone has a great weekend! The twins are away to their dads this weekend so i think some nice rest and relaxation is on the cards, we're having pretty good weather at the moment so maybe even spend some time outside with the dog and Marie walking or something.

So until next time, have a good one!

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