Monday, 5 March 2012

How Stupid Am I?

I think that on Friday it was the most stupidest i have ever felt in a very long time.

For some reason here in Sweden schools get a half day on Fridays, i have no idea why they do but it's just the way it is and because the twins dad was coming to collect them at 3pm our time i was asked to go up to the school at 14:25 and pick them up so that i had enough time to come back from the school and get all their stuff ready to go.

So off i went away up to the school, i had stood at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the school for a good 15 minutes before i decided that i had, had enough and that i would go up to collect them myself. Now as you can imagine at this point after standing out in the cold for 15 minutes i was kinda in a bad mood so off i went storming up the stairs on a rampage.... boy do i feel stupid about doing that now.

As i was just coming towards the doors of the school i came across them coming out of the janitors building all smiles and playing away with their friends, of course my first reaction was "Oi you 2 get a move on, your dad's gonna be here soon! i mean seriously boys why are you  not on your way down already?"

So i grabbed them both (obviously not physically) and took them down to the cloakroom to get their bags and other stuff, when i decided that i would phone Marie to make sure she had actually called the school and informed them to let the boys leave at 14:20 but during the call to Marie i glanced at my watch..... all i can say is i have never i my life felt more stupid... I wasn't just a wee bit early but over a hour early and i wondered why the hell the boys were looking at me like i was a idiot for telling them to get there butts in gear..

I honestly can't believe i was so stupid, i even looked at my watch before i left, during the walk up and even when i stood for 15 minutes and i decided that i would walk up to the school and still it did not click that i was a hour early. So yea now i feel like a complete idiot, although was rather amusing!

But i think that is all for today, just thought i would share it with you all so that everyone here can have a good laugh at me! Doesn't happen very often, ok that's not strictly true but anyways i hope everyone's having  a good Monday so until next time...

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Tiphanie said...

Actually, I would take that picture down, because whoever posted it, is kind of the stupid one. The man with the shark is either defending himself or taming the shark. Sharks are very sensitive in their noses, in fact marine biologists say if a shark approaches you in the water the first thing you should do is "punch him in the nose"...pick up a book, dude.