Monday, 2 January 2012

Bringing In The New Year

Unlike most our New Year celebration is quite a quiet event here at home, it normally ends up with myself and Marie having the kids home since they're dad always ends up wanting to go out partying and such likes and to be quite honest i don't mind all that much.

The first few years that i was over here i was pretty annoyed at it, but then again i was only 22/23 years old and my idea of New Years was going out with a lot of friends getting blind drunk and bringing in the New Year with style! and seeing as it was my first few years in Sweden i really wanted to do that just to see what it was like over here. I have yet to experience it and quite frankly i don't really mind anymore, it must be a getting old thing.

But our New Year celebration always consists of the same thing here at home, we all sit down just the 5 of us at the kitchen table and have a lovely meal that my amazing fiancĂ©e prepares and then we just spend the night together doing stuff and waiting for the bells to come in before heading off to bed.

It's been quite different over the last 2 years since the children are getting older we have also been able to include them in the celebration and this year was no different, we had our lovely meal followed up by a very nice chocolate cake that Marie had made for us (to be honest i absolutely hate cake! but this one was quite nice) and after dinner we decided to top up all our drinks and sat down with the whole family and rented Kung Fu Panda 2 from television provider.
So not only was i able to bring in the new year with my family it was really nice to sit down and watch a movie together which is something we don't do normally, surprisingly enough it was actually my first ever full Swedish movie that i have ever watched and i was quite impressed that i was able to understand nearly 99% of the thing.

But once the movie was finished Mikaela our oldest decided that she wanted to play some boardgames so myself the twins and Mikaela all got down on the floor for a hour or so and had a good laugh playing board games while Marie sat and watched and tried to tell us how to actually play them, since none of us had a clue and well reading instruction manuals is just not something i like to do, i'm the get stuck in type of guy and let's see what happens!

All in all it was a rocking night though, i got to spend all night with the people most close to me and spam my Facebook and Twitter with messages to all the people i like to speak to online, but like always we brought in the bells at 12 and it was time to hit the sack, of course i couldn't go to bed or complete my New Year without listening to the classic Auld Lang Syne, but it was a great night and i really enjoyed myself even if it was just myself and my family sitting at home.

So how did everyone else spend their New Years, any exciting stories? or embarrassing moments bringing in the new year? or was it a nice quiet one for you guys too?

But for now i shall bid you all farewell, hope your new year went off with a bang!

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