Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year's Resolutions.

Well it's coming to that time of the year, one year is ending and a brand new one is beginning and this year i am hoping to do alot with my life, not just for my own sake but for the sake of my family and everyone around me although most of my resolutions are personal goals that i aim to achieve in the upcoming year.

It's always funny because my New Years Resolutions are normally the same every year and 99% of the time they are broken within the first week of the new year but i am determined this year to make some serious changes and to stick by them. 

So here it is my 2012 New Years Resolutions:
  • Completely disown the English Language (obviously my Blog, Facebook & Twitter will still be in English) but i plan on only speaking Swedish at home no matter what, this is something i have tried every year and for some stupid reason gets abandoned because it's quicker and easier to speak English since my fiancĂ©e fully understands the English language.
  • Spend alot more time with my twin boys. In reality i do spend quite a bit of time with them but not enough doing important things like reading bed time stories, playing games with them and such likes and this is something i really want to change, as i feel that i could have a much better relationship with them if i did alot more with them, other than sit on my computer and blog about their antics.
  • Spend alot more time with my daughter. This one might be a bit tricky to accomplish, mainly for the reason she is 14 (15 in February) and well spending time with your parents at that age is just certainly not the cool thing to do, but i really want to do it. I still have no idea how i am going to accomplish this one since we don't really have anything in common except for playing Wordfued on our mobiles but i shall find some way!  
  • The next one in the list has to involve the dog, as most of the people who read my blog knows we have a Siberian Husky here at home and although i do not like to admit i have been neglecting him alot as of late, being to lazy to take him out for walks and stuff and this is not right. I wanted to get a Siberian Husky and therefore i must take care of him to the best of my ability and right now i ain't so my New Years Resolution for him is to be alot more active with him, 2 big walks per day and alot of mental stimulation.  
  • Another personal goal is to get back into reading, this is something i used to do alot and love to do and i still love it but i am always finding other things that get in the way and when i think to myself i'm going to sit down and read my book today i end up getting caught up with other things that really could have waited. So definitely going to make more of a effort to at least read a couple of chapters of my book per day if not more, and since i got the 5th book in the "A Game Of Thrones" series i have plenty to read seeing as i have only read the first 2 books so still got 3 left to read! which is awsome.
  • The next goal and probably one of the most important ones is to get myself a job, i don't even care what it is but just something even if it's only a small part time thing that's only a few hours a week, but i want to get myself out the house and into society, perhaps once i am able to do this i will be able to maybe join a club or something so that i can start to meet people and build up some friendships in Sweden, since currently i have pretty much no friends in Sweden except for a few online friends that live to far away from where i do to actually have any physical contact with  them. So getting into something that i enjoy and meeting people and building up friendships would be awsome.
  • My last goal and resolution for 2012 i think is to become a better blogger, i think in the 6 months that i have been blogging that i have done a pretty damn good job at what i do and grown up quite a audience thanks to some people in the blogging world i have met and the wonderful tribes that i am on But like everything i do i want to become better at, so my goal for 2012 on the blogging front is to try and double if not triple my view count per month (which is currently sitting at around 6000+ views per month), it might be a big achievement to aim for but i shall try at least!
So there you have it folks, these are my current Resolutions and goals for 2012 and i am hoping that i am able to achieve them all, as i have said before i have a real bad tenancy to let things slide and then when they have just give up and not even bother trying to reach them but i am going to try really hard this year to do them all and become a better person & parent which i think everyone could certainly do.

But what is your person resolutions for this year? anything exciting or just the same old stuff like mines that you are going to try even harder to accomplish? I would be really interested to read! and don't forget to give me your opinions on my own resolutions.

But until next time i hope you all have a really great New Year! and i wish you all the very best to 2012.

I would also like to take a small moment to thank everyone who has helped me promote my blog and helped me in the blogging world to gain a bigger audience if it wasn't for people like Richard from The Butterbottom Blog and many others like him i probably wouldn't be where i am today, and of course a big Thank You to all my viewers who come back time and time again to see what has been happening in my crazy life, you guys are awsome!

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