Thursday, 29 December 2011

What A Christmas!

I had said to the children when they came home from their dads house on the 23rd that i wanted them to sleep to at least 8am since myself and Marie had made the decision that we would only allow the children to open one Christmas gift in the morning and the rest would be opened in the afternoon once Marie's parents had been around and we were done with that. But being the big kid that i am i was the one that got up at 6am while everyone stayed fast asleep, so i was up sitting in front of my computer with my warm cup of tea enjoying the peace and quiet waiting anxiously for everyone to wake up so we could get down to the business of opening gifts!

 The boys were the first to open their gift and let's just say they were very happy with it.

 Mikaela was next and i think she was pretty happy with the gift that she received from my parents (Some Jewellery Crafting Kit)

I had decided that because Marie wasn't going to open anything in the morning that i myself would also wait and just play with the kids and their x-box game, plus it gave me time to get myself looking presentable for when Marie's parents arrived at 10:30. We had also decided that we would do a little bit of "fika" as well when her parents arrived since we had decided to eat dinner a bit later with us having a skype call with my parents as well that day.

 The boys got a couple of tops and some LEGO which they were more than delighted with!

Mikaela received the one gift she had been going on about for ages a CONVERSE bag!

But after the excitement off the grandparents gifts it was time for the gifts under the tree, all we had heard since Marie's parents had arrived was "When are we opening the preasents under the tree??" Lets just say everyone was spoiled rotten by my parents, sister & family but i think myself and Marie managed to top everything as far as Mikaela was concerned when after all the other gifts was opened we managed to find a gift that hadn't been placed under the tree for her, her first Android mobile phone. I don't think i have ever seen a bigger smile of any kids face than i did when she opened it! And to top it off Marie had bought me one as well, not the same phone but one that i had been looking at online for a few months, so perhaps my smile beat Mikaela's slightly since i didn't think i would get it with it being a bit expensive!

I think my parents bought the kids the ultimate gift as you can see from the above picture of Alexander holding up his new digital camera, it's actually a real digital camera. Obviously not top quality as it's only a children's one but it takes pictures and videos and everything and they absolutely love it, i think they like it even better than the X-Box game that myself and Marie bought them lol.

Marie was also very pleasantly surprised when she opened her Christmas gift from my parents and found that she had got her very own Nintendo DS, something she had been going on and on about for about 4 years solid that she wanted, after seeing my mum playing a few games on hers, so lets just say everyone was very happy with their gifts this Christmas!

But i think that is all for today i hope you enjoy all the photo's that i have put up! it was a fantastic day but now we are getting ready for New Year! hoping that this upcoming year is going to be something special, i think i will be posting up a new post tomorrow about New Year and resolutions but we shall see if i manage to find the time, with all the kids being home it's a bit crazy in here especially when Marie is back at work :)

If you would like to see more pictures taken at the Christmas time then just click on this LINK! and see some more great shots!

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