Friday, 2 December 2011

Sleep In Friday's.

There is nothing i find more horrible than the second you wake up and your all warm and happy and sleepy and then you realise! "Oh damn! i slept in!!!!" It is amazing how your mind switches so quickly, you go from being all nice and cosy to a staggering mess of i need to get dressed and out the door as fast as i can before i'm late for the bus to work.

Well that is exactly what happened to us this morning, i have no idea why it happened as it's not something that we normally do, me personally am normally the first one up but this morning oh no that was not the case, i was abruptly awoken to "Ben!!! it's 05:40!!" now for me? it's no issue i don't have to get up at that time and take the kids to the after-school club i could quite easily lay in bed until around 7ish and then just take them directly to school but i like to let the kids go up and have a play with their friends before their lessons begin, but for Marie? well that's a different kettle of fish altogether.

Her bus to work leaves at 06:05 in the morning, and if she misses that well the next one is not until just after 7 which means she would be late for work, so when she screams to me that it's 05:40 it's battle stations to the ready and we better get a move on.

I still cannot understand why we slept in, since we went to bed at the exact same time as we do every night during the week, so the only explanation i can think of is the fact that the night before we were kept awake half the night with our stupid cat mowing her head off because she has went into heat. Normally during this time we put them in another room so that we don't get to hear it but for some reason we decided not to that day and we ended up very tired the next morning. So i guess that was probably the reason behind it.
But it still just amazes me how your mind can be so relaxed and all happy one second and then in a instant it switches to panic mode.

I guess it happens, i used to be really bad for sleeping in when i was a bit younger but the last 6 maybe 7 years i have always been up without a problem, until today! But when i seen that picture online while i was trying to find a nice fitting image for my post today i could not resist, it is such a true statement if you think about it, if you do sleep in it is nearly always during the week when you are not meant to, but when your allowed to sleep in for example the weekends and your days off work because your on holiday you always find yourself up at the crack of dawn when you could have been sleeping.

But i guess that is all for this week, so until next i hope everyone has a great weekend! Mines looks like it's going to be a fun one since we are getting our new couch today (ok it's not actually new, but seeing as our one is falling to bits literally it's new to us) and we also have some baking planned with the kids seeing as we are coming into the Christmas season! So have a good one everyone! i know i will.

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