Friday, 16 December 2011

Job Coach Officially Over.

So it seems that is the end of my time with the Job Coach officially, i have to admit i have been some what less impressed with the service than i thought i would be, although i was warned by many people who also live in Sweden that job coaches are not exactly the best thing in the world i still half expected it to be slightly better than it was but perhaps i should have lowered my expectations slightly.

Don't get me wrong i have gotten alot further in my job searching than if i would have done it myself with absolutely no help, but my understanding of the whole process was that the job coaches have loads of contacts or network if you would prefer to call it that, and it seems that is not the case exactly, however saying that i must admit i have a pretty nice CV and a few different cover letters now that i can mix and match and play around with so hopefully next year i will be more successful in my job hunting.

Although my time with my job coach is officially over, we shall still meet another few times seeing as we missed quite a few appointments due to her being unwell and having double booked / meetings etc but officially it's over and i have to admit i'm going to kind of miss it, granted i didn't think it was all that great and still think it could have been alot better but i made it what i could make it and as i said i got quite a bit from it although not as much as i was hoping. And even though i cringed at the thought of having to travel into town every a week to meet her for only a couple of hours (Mainly because i knew i would have a 2 hour wait after the meeting) i am still going to miss the interaction with someone other than my direct family over here.

Perhaps i need to get into something like a sport or something that will allow me to have some social interaction with people other than my family, but i guess that is just something i will have to think about in the next coming weeks.

But overall it was a ok experience and i would do it again but perhaps i would try and make it alot more than it was, maybe demand alot more than i did or something along those lines but i got quite a bit out of it at the end of the day so i should be happy with it i guess, and like i said we shall be meeting after the Christmas and New Year to make up for the appointments i missed out on.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell, i don't know how i will do with the blogging next week because well it's the week before Christmas and that means it's going to be a bit crazy over here in not so snowy Sweden, but i shall try my best to make a post here and there over the next week but until then have a great weekend!

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