Thursday, 8 December 2011

Our Landlord Is A Moron!

There is quite possibly a million reasons as to why our landlord can be quite frankly referred to as a complete and utter moron, at first when we got the house from him he seemed like a really nice guy, i mean when he took us out originally to see the house out here in Järpås he even took myself and Marie up to the local pizzeria for a bite to eat and to discuss stuff which was really nice of him, but over the past few years he has turned into a complete and utter jackass.

Take for example in our son Maximus's bedroom a few years ago for some reason rain was leaking through the window and it happened to run down the wall and turned the wall into complete mush, it was so bad that the windowsill that is attached by screws onto the wall has actually came off, and we have been asking him for the last 2 years to get it fixed and is it done yet? hell no it ain't!
And then you have the upstairs playroom floor, when we moved in the previous owners had obviously done something that left a big hole in the flooring of the room and he said that we just had to pick out what flooring we wanted up there and that he would get it sorted, well at first we decided since the boys were only 2 i think when we moved in that we would just leave it and put a rug over it but a few years ago once more we asked him to get it sorted out and still not done.

Now we come to present day, on Sunday the washroom where our Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer  etc is become overflowed with water from the washing machine so Marie called him up and asked him to come and sort it out, he had said that he would be unable to come out tomorrow (meaning Monday) but he would come out and sort it on Tuesday, now this was ok with us i mean sometimes the guy is busy since he does own multiple properties around the area, but Tuesday came and Tuesday went and when Marie had phoned him to ask if he was coming out he had informed her that he was unable to because he got caught up with other things. This is alright if it wasn't for the fact i seen him outside on a snow mobile taking away snow from the apartment building across the street from us!

But we let it slide and yesterday he eventually did come around, sure he sorted the over flowing problem but later that evening when Marie returned from work she got to find the mess he had left, i would have noticed it myself but he had come through to the livingroom where i was sitting and told me he had finished and that it was all sorted now, so i didn't bother to go through and look, but when Marie shouted me through OMFG the whole fricken floor was covered in white powder (Obviously the unblocking agent he had used) which as far as i can tell is actually harmful and that is where the cats food is!

At the moment i'm just so bloody angry at the guy, and just can't wait to get myself a job so that we can start looking for somewhere else to live, because this guy is one absolute moron that i just can't put up with, i would normally start going on about how we should report him etc, but according to Marie's dad we actually can't cause there is no law about it or some crap like that i have no idea so i'm just going to take his word for it, but i mean seriously. Well right now he is actually talking about raising our rent so i have said to Marie that we should refuse to pay the rent increase until everything that is needing sorted in the house is done, but i don't know if she will tell him that or not.

But that is my rant done for today!, Landlords = Morons it's a proven fact!

So until next time, i hope you all have a great day!

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