Thursday, 15 December 2011

Not Feeling Very Christmassy

As the children and my fiancée Marie get more and more excited for Christmas next week i have found myself sitting feeling less and less excited, for what reason i do not actually know but right now it just feels like Christmas is months away instead of being next weekend.

I know that Christmas is the time of the year where families come together and enjoy each others company and has a real fun time exchanging gifts and eating amazing food but every time i look outside i get the feeling of "meh".

To be honest when you look outside into your back garden you expect to see fields of snowy whiteness and the winter chill but instead of that, i am faced with this. Cold and Wet and not of the snowy kind, oh no it's of the rainy kind and how can this possibly promote Christmas.

I have been like normal downloading the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows and most of them are doing their Christmas episodes which is filled with lovely decorations and snow beyond belief and i'm sitting here with rain, rain and wind that just doesn't make me feel very Christmassy at all.

I'm hoping on Sunday that i begin to feel more in the mood for the festive season as we shall be putting up our Christmas Tree with the children and no doubt Marie will be blasting her Christmas music and be all happy, so hopefully i will be able to get in the mood. Obviously i don't try and show my dismay to the children because that is what Christmas is all about, it's about the kids and the spirit that is Santa Claus himself.

But right now the song "It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas" is certianly lying to me right now, but i shall leave you with a little YouTube clip of the Christmas Classic and hope that at least where you are that it is beginning to look alot like Christmas!

But for now i shall bid everyone farewell for today and i hope your having a great day! and if you have some snow where you are, can you do me a favour? and send it my way please!

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