Monday, 5 December 2011

Party Weekend.

Well our weekend turned into a pretty hectic one if i don't say so myself, on Saturday Marie had decided that seeing as it is the Christmas season  that she would spend most of Saturday morning baking with the kids Gingerbread Cookies and letting then decorate them, we have little shapes of things like reindeer's and Christmas tree's etc. So most of Saturday morning was spent baking them and decorating them with icing and chocolate sweeties, some of them turned out really nice and i wished i could have eaten one or 2 but i hate gingerbread so i didn't get to, but the kids had a absolute blast.

Marie had also decided that she would buy a Gingerbread House kit and make it with the kids for a bit of fun as well, but when she opened the box half the pieces of the house was broken, but Marie being Marie she attempted to salvage it by melting down chocolate and then sticking the pieces together with it, but by the time they finished building it with all the broken pieces let's just say it turned out like a house from World War 2 after a blitz attack lol. Safe to say it got thrown in the bin as it was just literally falling to pieces as she was trying to build it. Unfortunately we were unable to take any pictures of their baking or the destroyed Gingerbread House because our camera ran out of batteries and i couldn't locate any of the other ones (Yes Marie loves to take stuff, use it for something and then neglect to remember where she put them lol).

Of course that was not the end of our weekend fun no! not only did they get to do that on Saturday they also got to attend a Birthday party for one of the kids at their school, so Saturday was pretty much a day of sitting baking and eating gingerbread decorated with candy followed up a birthday party with even more candy. Let's just say that by the time they came back from the party they were in full sugar rush swing, but they had such a good time so i guess that is all that matters, but the fun didn't stop there either!
Not only did they have the birthday party on Saturday but  then they had ANOTHER one on Sunday, i know right 2 bloody parties in a row! So yet another day was filled with candy and fun and games for them.

And that folks was pretty much the whole weekend, filled with gingerbread and lots of candy for everyone! especially the twins lol, and to top of our fun packed weekend we have a pretty hectic week ahead of us as well with nurse appointments for the twins, followed  up by dentist appointments for the twins followed up by parents meetings at the school for the twins and our daughter so it's going to be a non stop week i think.

But until next time, i hope you all had a great day, and sorry for not being able to share any cool pictures of what the kids did with their Gingerbread but you can blame my fiancĂ©e Marie for that one :)

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