Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Snow Has Fallen

I wrote a good while ago named "Winter Is Coming.." as it was looking like it was actually coming however the weather decided that it would make us wait a while longer infact nearly 2 months longer before the first piece of snow hit our lovely small little town and so it has begun!.

It all started last night while i was sitting online playing with some friends Marie came through to ask if i had seen outside yet, of course seeing as i was sitting at my computer headset on talking away with friends from the UK i opted to reply with a "errr no" and now i wished i hadn't got up to look because as i looked out the back door all i could see was little white flutters of snow falling from the sky.

You will notice our tree is a bit broken, from the storm we had a few weeks ago, haven't got around to moving it yet!
Now i have a kind of love/hate relationship going on with snow, i always have had i think but since moving to Sweden it's definitely gotten worse, sure the UK gets snow but Sweden they get SNOW! and i mean by the absolute bucket load. Last year i took the dog up to the local football pitch with all the kids for a bit of a mess around in the snow since Kaiser being a pure bread Siberian Husky loves the stuff and so does the kids and when i stood in it keeping in mind im 6ft 2inches tall well it was up to just above my waste in some parts.

Lovely Snow
Now back to the love/hate relationship part it's quite simple really i love the look of snow, i mean there is nothing like waking up in the morning and seeing that your whole back garden and the rest of the area around you is covered in a beautiful white coat of snow, it just looks amazing, of course after a while and once the kids and the dog has been out in it, it doesn't really have the same look but eventually we get more snow and it covers the footprints etc and looks lovely again.
Also building snow men is quite fun, i haven't actually done it with the kids yet (Don't ask me why because i have no idea) but i would like to go out and do it when we get a bit more this year and have a bit of fun.

Even more lovely snow
But then we come to why i hate the damn stuff, it's not only cold but it's WET and that is probably one of the main reasons why i hate it, not to mention when enough cars and people have walked the roads and paths it becomes near enough impossible to walk on without falling on your ass, sure it's fun the first few times but after the 100th time it becomes more annoying than anything!
And then you have the most annoying thing about snow especially if your bathroom door is located next to your front door, you have children who have been out in the snow at school and having fun coming into the house, now we always get the kids to bang their shoes outside before coming in but obviously this doesn't get all the snow off, so they come in to the house take their shoes of and then leave puddles of water all around the front door area, and if your like us and don't wear slippers you walk around in your socks or bare feet, so you end up walking to the bathroom and on the way your feet end up completely soaked this i can tell you is NOT at all fun!

But i'm still glad we have snow and hopefully we get some more before the Christmas arrives because let's face it Christmas is not Christmas without snow!

But until next time! i hope you all have a great day!

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