Friday, 14 October 2011

Winter Is Coming...

There is nothing worse in this world than waking up in the morning only to look outside your bedroom window and see that it is still pitch black outside, not only that the there is still a moon and stars up in the sky. It kind of gives you the thought that i hear from my children alot when i ask them to do something "I don't want to" and this morning that was the exact thought that ran through my head.

Not that i didn't want to go and meet my job coach today, but it was more the thought of i don't want to do anything, it's pitch black outside and by all accounts looks like its in the minus degree's and all i really wanted to do was head back to that lovely place called bed.

Not only was it pitch black and cold beyond belief, but it seems that since making my post "Talking Christmas Already??" yesterday that the Swedish weather decided to inform me that not only is Christmas is coming but so is Winter, as upon looking onto my badly needing cut grass i seen the first signs of it, Frost.

Winter is something that i for one am certainly not looking forward to, i don't know about anyone else but i loathe it with a passion, it's always cold, you come into your house take off your shoes and when you walk near that area you are left with absolute soaking feet, don't get me wrong it can be fun as well but for me i just can't seem to get past the fact of how cold i am and why i would much rather be indoors.

Kaiser on the other hand absolutely loves the winter, i think out of every season that we get winter is the one time of the year he is himself, i mean what Siberian Husky wouldn't be happy with bucket loads of snow to jump around and bury himself under? 

As for the kids? They actually seem to enjoy it as well, seeing as we have a Siberian Husky, myself and Marie normally like to take the opportunity to train our Siberian Husky even more by getting him to pull the kids around in their sled's, Not only does Kaiser have a blast but what kid wouldn't enjoy being pulled along at a rapid speed by their household pet? Don't get me wrong sledding down a hill is fun, but being pulled by a pure bread Siberian Husky just adds to the fun even more.

So i guess, it is soon time to bring out my old winter boots and get my hat & gloves ready to go, as it seems our autumn is coming to a end very quickly and winter is fast approaching.

But i think that is me done for the week on the blogging front, i've had some great times this week with my Guest Blog Post and alot of other things, but until next week i wish you all a great weekend, hopefully it as cold as it is here where you are, so that i am not left on my own freezing parts of the body i do not wish to name.

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