Monday, 10 October 2011

Kaiser Pups Spa Day.

Lets face it people we all enjoy being pampered and having a nice relaxing day being treated like a absolute kind/queen, and let me tell you my little Siberian Husky is of no exception to this.

There is nothing he enjoys more than laying down and being brushed and having his nails clipped, i have no idea why he enjoys it so much since all my other dogs that i have owned/grown up with over the years have not enjoyed it one bit. Kaiser even loves having a shower, at first he detested it and i mean loathed it. So much so that if you even went in the direction of the bathroom over the weekend holding the jug that we put his shampoo mixture in he would run a mile.

Not so much anymore though, normally if i am in the house on my own i don't bother locking or even closing the door when i go to the toilet (I know, it's disgusting, but it's not like anyone can see me) and normally he will even come in and lie on the mat in front of the toilet and just enjoy spending some quality bathroom time with his daddy.

So the other day Marie decided that since Kasier is getting to that stage again, we're hitting winter so he is regaining his undercoat and of course when this happens the inevitable happens as well, he begins to loose alot of hair, so seeing as this was happening Marie decided that she would treat Kaiser to a little bit of pampering and let's just say he went from his normal off the wall type behaviour to being this chilled out relaxed, hey what's happening dog.

Nothing like getting your belly brushed up nicely.
Your getting very sleepy.
As i don't normally get to get any good pictures of him, as normally when i bring out the camera he goes from striking a really awsome pose to running around with the attitude of "haha, you are not taking pictures of me!" i decided that i would take this great opportunity to get some snap shots of him, safe to say he wasn't all that bothered about it since he was to busy just relaxing.

What's Up? Just lying here chilling y'all!
That's right, just how i like it nice and smooth.
But anyway, i just thought i would share Kaisers little spa day, i didn't bother taking any pictures of him getting his toe nails cut because i didn't really see the point, but thought you might all enjoy a few snap shots of my little puppy enjoying his brush.

But until next time, i shall bid you all farewell.

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