Friday, 21 October 2011

Haircuts - Should Children Decide..

There is very few things that myself and my fiancée Marie disagree upon when it comes to raising the children, sure there is a few things here and there but most of the time (I'd say probably about 99% of the time) we both agree or i am able to put my point across in such a way that she actually see's the logic in why i am saying or doing something towards the children.

Most people would probably say i'm a pretty strict parent, although i would disagree with them on that i just feel that being parent is exactly that parenting and i refuse to let me kids do and decide stuff that they shouldn't be deciding upon, but yesterday myself and Marie had a conversation about haircuts and i wanted to get everyone else's opinion on it, it's not so i can get one up on Marie because normally when it comes to this subject i win anyways, but i wanted to see what everyone else thought.

So the kids hair is getting to that stage that it badly needs a good cutting (saying that they are not the only one, but i have my appointment booked for next Friday so yeehaa!), but every time this event comes around we always end up in the same discussion, the discussion normally begins because Maximus one of our twin boys is determined that he wants a Mohawk, to me a 6 year old with a Mohawk is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard or seen in my entire life (Yes! i actually googled Children + Mohawk in google images and had a look at them).

Personally i feel that children at least at the age of 6 shouldn't really have a say in what sort of haircut they get, i mean if you let children decide important things like this they will come up with most stupid and ridiculous things possible, and to me a Mohawk is exactly that. But as i said every time it's time to get their haircut he goes on about it and each time i tell Marie that i refuse to let him get one, but do you think i'm right?
Sure it's not like it's going to kill him or anything like that, it's not exactly a bad thing i just personally think it looks stupid on children and who is the one that going to have to get him up every morning and put hair products in his hair to make it stand up like a real Mohawk should? me!

For people who don't know me i am NOT a morning person, it is the worse time of day to speak to me, see me or just generally know me. So having to spend "x" amount of time messing around with hair products to get his hair to stand up and look stupid just doesn't really appeal to me.

But what are your thoughts and opinions on this? should i let my son who has been going on about a Mohawk for about 2 years (Yes he started going on about it when he was 4 years old, and don't ask me where in gods name he came up with it) now get one? or should i stick to my guns and make him get a "normal" haircut? I would be really interested to see what everyone's opinion was.

But until next time... i shall bid you all farewell..


Daddy Knows Less said...

Let the kid have his Mohawk. Like you said, it's not going to kill him. What if he wanted to wear a pink shirt, or paint his fingernails? You gonna tsp him because YOU think it's ridiculous. Kids are learning as they go. They're trying to express themselves. Maybe he learns he hates it. Maybe not. It's only hair. It'll grow back. Then again, I'm a bit more libertarian when it comes to things like this and you most certainly are...not! LOL.

Daddy Knows Less said...

That should say "stop" him. Sorry.

Druidica said...

I know this is an older post and the decision was probably long since decided, but as a parent of two boys I feel strongly on this matter. Stick to your guns. Children need structure and the better they are acclimated to the business world around them the better. I was a child of the 90's and I personally feel we are some of the worst parents. We are so concerned over expression, creativity and freedom that we are not raising kids to be healthy well adjusted adults...but perpetual kindergartners. There is never any reason for an extreme hairstyle other than shock value, the "cool" authority, a parents desire to be off kilter or the unwillingness to be a true authority figure. Be a parent and raise a child that will go to college, get a job and hopefully be able to support themselves. I know people tend to cast a vote that says oh just let them it's hair no biggie...these are people who don't understand that every decision has consequences and you may be setting that child up in that instant to believe that if he whines enough he'll get what he wants.