Monday, 24 October 2011

Children's Friends.

About a month ago my fiancée made a blog post about our son Maximus's friends at first i thought nothing of it because well sometimes children go through phases where the adopt a attitude problem, and Max? well unlike most he normally has the biggest attitude.
He ain't a bad kid he is just very easily influenced by people, unfortunately the influence doesn't extend to his parents, i guess it's because we try and teach them good things, like being respectful and things like that.

But on Friday i finally found out that what she wrote couldn't have been more accurate.

So the story begins on Friday when i took the boys up to school, on the way up Max was his normal self, pretending to be on a motorcycle with his brother and generally chatting away and just being a normal kid, laughing and talking about the stars and moons with his brother Alexander, and telling me what they were going to do today, everything was nice and then.....

We entered the school and who was there? well remember my guest blog post about the mother who had no control over her child and was basically more of a friend to him rather than a parent? well he was there and apparently Maximus and him have become good friends. It all became apparent that he was part of the cause to why Maximus thinks he can get away with talking to everyone like dirt and generally acting like a little brat.

After getting there jacket and shoes off we went into the after-school program class where they start in the morning and Max took off into the other room where this little boy who i shall not name was sitting playing, now normally they come up give me a hug and cuddle (Yes they started doing that again, apparently it is now cool to do so again) but this time Alexander was only one that came up to do so. 
Alex then proceeded to shout to Max and ask him "Are you not going to come and say goodbye to Ben" to which the reply was a very harsh scream of "Noooooo, i don't want to!!!!". In all honesty i am not that bothered if he doesn't want to come and say goodbye but what really made me want to go through and slap him off the back of the head was the attitude that came with it, safe to say i didn't.

But i just couldn't believe that in the space of not even 5 minutes that he managed to go from being this semi-sweet little boy walking up to daycare on his pretend motorbike talking and laughing with his brother to this little boy with a attitude problem.

So what are we to do? we can't tell Max that he can't play with "x, x & x" because of course if we did he would no doubt go to school and when the little boy or boys asked him to play he would turn around and say "No, my mum & Ben said i'm not allowed to play with you" which of course will just generate more problems, such as parents coming up and asking us why we don't want our child playing with theirs etc but at the same time i don't want him to have this attitude problem either that he seems to be adopting lately.

I'm pretty much lost as to what we can do to stop him from playing with them, since it's more than obvious this is where his problems are coming from, obviously seeing these children talk to people like dirt etc puts a thing in his mind where he thinks it's ok. Of course we are telling him off and putting him to his room in severe cases but i would rather that he not play with them at all. 

So what are you thoughts? or idea's for that matter? I would be really interested to see if any of you guys have experienced it and how you handled it.

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