Monday, 17 October 2011

Not So Relaxing Saturday.

The weekend finally arrived and seeing as we were kids free (the twins went away to their dads for the weekend) and with Marie writing on her Twitter & Facebook how much of a relaxing weekend we were about to have, i thought excellent however it turned into quite something different.

I woke up on Saturday and really felt bad, i have no idea why but for some reason from the second i woke up i felt dizzy and light headed, but like the trooper i am i just got on with it. Of course seeing as i am a man i had to complain about everything and say how awful i felt, i felt it was my prerogative as a man to do so.

So the kids left at around 9am and i sat around, messing around on the computer, updating my Facebook and Twitter every so often and just checking out new blog posts from some of the blogs that i enjoy to follow, while reading some new blogs that i had been put in touch with by joining a new Triberr tribe. But after a couple hours of doing this Marie turned around and said "I think i am going to go out and try and fix up the front of the house and maybe the backgarden while im at it".
Of course when these words come, you just know that even though she is not asking for any help that it is your obligation as the man of the house to go outside and participate.

But for anyone who knows me, i absolutely detest gardening, if we didn't have children i would be more than happy to live in a small apartment, or continue to live in the house but make sure that the whole garden was slabbed so that i didn't have to go out and deal with anything out there, but we do have children and with that comes the responsibility to have a nice garden for them to play in. We had been pretty lazy this year with the garden letting it basically overgrow into a forest of plants, weeds and grass. Infact it still looks like a complete jungle outside in the back garden because we have not yet had the weather to be able to cut the grass.

So on went the shoes, jacket, hat & gloves and out i went to help (Keep in mind i still felt like i was ready to pass out at any second) and got a hold of our landlords petrol hedge cutter. Seriously even when your feeling ill what man doesn't enjoy playing with big power tools or in this case garden tools, it's just so much fun. So we managed to get the full hedge cut down to nothing (We have been asking the landlord to remove it and put a fence up in the front instead, and he keeps saying that he is going to do it but that's been nearly a year so i'm not holding out much hope for it). On top of that i then tackled the back garden with it, chopping down everything i could see, so at least it looks semi respectable, now all that is left is the grass to be cut which i'm still waiting on the weather for. Just hoping we can get it before the first lot of snow lands, since last year i didn't and when the snow finally melted in i think it was April the grass was so hard to cut, think it took nearly 3 passes with the lawnmower before it was cut to a good height.

But a mental note to any man out there, when your girlfriend, fiancée or wife says that you are going to have a nice relaxing weekend, it's a LIE! they are going to make you work until you want to die, even if you feel like you are already going to die. I'm feeling alot better now, but i think i need to make myself an appointment with my doctor and have myself checked out, since these dizzy spells have been happening now for about 3 months, granted it's not a everyday thing they come and go, but the fact they are still coming is now worrying me, so i shall go and get myself checked out in the next upcoming weeks i think and see what i need to do.
I honestly believe that it is possibly weight related and the fact that i am not that active as a person, but it's best to have yourself checked out i guess.

But until next time i shall say farewell, and hope you all have a great day..

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