Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fighting About Lego!

One of my online blogging friends called John from Daddy's In Charge is a huge fan of LEGO, infact if you head over to his blog that i have linked here you can see some absolutely amazing videos starring himself, his children and even CHUCK NORRIS! I mean seriously who doesn't enjoy a great video that stars Chuck Norris! So thanks John for putting idea's in our heads, because now we have given the children even more to fight about!

But upon seeing these videos my fiancée Marie, had said to me that she thought it was time that our children started playing with LEGO too, i mean they are 6 after all so it's not like we are in to much danger of them trying to eat and swallow the small pieces, so we had a little look upstairs in the big closet since Marie was quite sure that there was a small box of Lego still up there from when our daughter Mikaela was a child.

The box that will cause us pain.
Sure enough upon opening the door there it was standing in all it's glory, i personally think Lego is amazing, i mean what better way to encourage your children to use there imagination than by building stuff?
The twins got so excited, since they had seen this box of LEGO previously but up until now had not been allowed to play with it, yes i am one of these parents that always think the worst, for example my child will put a piece in his mouth and try and swallow it and choke to death.

But along with having all sorts of fun with their new toy, we have encountered a new problem "FIGHTING", sure our children are like every others in the world, they fight over stuff all the time but never to this extent, since bringing it out of the closet and allowing them to play with it all we constantly hear from the upstairs playroom is "Alex, that was my bit!!!" and "Max why did you take all the blue pieces!" of course this now leads to them coming down stairs and tattling on each other, which is now getting a bit tiring.

So once again thanks John for giving us what could have possibly been a great idea, but has instead turned into a nightmare. We are not going to take them away, and we are trying to tell them when they come down to tattle on each other that they shouldn't do that and that they should learn to share the LEGO out equally and not be greedy, but sometimes children don't understand this concept i guess and just want it all from themselves.

Hopefully this will settle down, or i could see us going to the store and buying alot of LEGO for both children for their Christmas and putting them in 2 separate boxes and keeping them split apart so nothing like this can occur, but what is the fun in that? none in my opinion, so i guess they just better learn to share and play nice :)

But until next i shall bid you all farewell, i hope you are all having a great day....

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