Friday, 28 October 2011

The Day Just Keeps Getting Better.... NOT

Well today didn't start at all as planned, the whole plan for today was get a hair cut and then meet up with my job coach since we haven't had any contact for two weeks, but unfortunately i received a text this morning from her saying that she was unwell and would not be able to come. Great, not exactly what i need is a Job Coach that i only get for 3 months getting unwell but not much we can do about it, got to admit i have been feeling a bit under the weather myself the last few days with a blocked nose and a horrible throat.

So that kind of put that plan in the trash, i still however headed into town to get my haircut with my lovely blonde bimbo hairdresser, she's really nice but she remembers NOTHING i am actually pretty surprised she manages to remember her own name and where she works, since every time i go in to get my haircut she asks me the exact same questions over and over again, every time i have been in their same thing always, how's Marie?, where does she work? i think i have told her a grand total of about 10 times now where Marie works and what she does but she still forgets lol, she's alright though i guess.

After that the plan was to go into a local video game store and speak to the gentleman that runs it and see if there was any chance of a Praktikplats there seeing as i'm a big gaming nerd it could possibly be a pretty decent place to work, but he was not there today and i was greeted with some young lad, who works there, so i guess i shall need to try and go in again next week and hopefully he is around, if not i'll just phone him and talk to him that way, but we shall see.

After then sitting for about a hour at the train station reading my Game Of Thrones book i then got the pleasure to sit on a train with a mother and her four children, it would have probably been ok if she actually paid any attention to what the hell her children were doing, but instead decided it was more productive to sit on her ass and play with her mobile phone, while her 4 children jumped around the chairs playing with buttons and screaming at the top of their lungs. I seriously wanted to slap the mother around the head and tell her to sort her kids out, but of course i didn't. Wasn't my place but i wanted to so badly.

But i think the rest of the day will be a day of chilling out, my poor fiancĂ©e is home today since it's her day off and was meant to get at least 5 hours of just being able to relax in the house on her own without anyone being about, something she never gets to do normally, since i am normally always home. But seeing as my Job Coach cancelled our appointment i'm back home to ruin it for her lol.

But i think that's me done for the week, sorry for not posting anything yesterday but with having this cold my brain is completely fried and i honestly couldn't think of anything to write about, but i'll try and make sure i have a new post everyday next week.

But until next time... i shall bid you all farewell...

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