Monday, 31 October 2011

Worst Weekend Ever

I always look forward to every other weekend mainly for the fact that myself and Marie are fortunate enough to get it kids free, well when i say kids free i actually only mean the twins, since they go away to their dads every other weekend which only leaves us with our oldest daughter but she is 14 so we very rarely see her since she is the typical teenager who sits around in  her bedroom all day and only comes down for something to drink or to ask if she can get something to eat.

So every other weekend we always make big plans of how we are going to spend our time, this weekend we decided that we would have a nice dinner, Marie would bake something and then we would spend the night watching movies and just having a nice relaxing night together on the couch, however it didn't quite go to plan.

The day started off great, we sat around enjoying ourselves and just generally relaxing, but after dinner i became increasingly tired and i don't mean just tired but i was nearly at the point of falling asleep, what surprised me more was the fact that it was only 8pm, and by the time 10pm came around i was done and made the suggestion that we just have a early night instead, i was making jokes through the whole night that this was all Marie's fault that she had created a old man, since before i moved to Sweden i used to be able to stay up all night doing whatever and never got tired, but i found myself on Saturday unable to do anything except think of how great it was going to be to head to bed. So we did, 10pm on a Saturday night without any children except our teenage daughter and nothing to get up for the next day.

However apparently the reason i was so tired was not down to being a old man after all, as at about 5pm on Sunday morning i woke with massive stomach pains and felt generally sick, sore throat headache you name it i had it. So what was meant to be a stay in bed until i can be bothered to get up day turned into a day where i was up at 5am on a Sunday morning rushing back and forth to the bathroom, i can tell you now that is not how you want to spend your Sunday morning EVER! So after about 2 hours of feeling really bad (You know what men are like when they get ill, it's not just ill it's really really ill) Marie finally handed me a few tablets to stop my stomach pains and get rid of all the other symptoms (Sometimes being engaged to a nurse really has it's benefits).

But it didn't stop their, well it did for me but then Marie started to feel really bad as well and ended up at around 7pm last night coughing and everything else that goes along with the cold, so looks like our nice relaxing weekend turned into a weekend from hell, all these wonderful plans just went down the drain.

I hope everyone else had a better weekend than we did that's for sure.

But until next time... i shall bid you all farewell...

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