Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Haircut Continued.

A few days ago i made a blog post asking everyone's opinion on allowing children to make their own decision about what sort of haircut they should get, the reason behind this was the fact my son Max wanted to get a Mohawk, something he had been going on about for at least 4 years now i think it was.

Personally i was of the belief  that children should not make any decisions when it came to this, simply because they would end up with the most ridiculous and insane haircuts that you could possibly imagine, but alot of people who decided to reply to the thread had some of the same thoughts but went about it in a different way and some they thought it was fine, aslong as it was not in the school year.
So i gave all this information i had been given much thought and decided that possibly we should maybe compromise just slightly and see what would happen.

Thursday came around and it was time for the boys hair appointment, we normally just get it done here in Järpås since travelling all the way to Lidköping (Biggest town closest to us) would just cause us more issues due to the public transport not exactly being the best and seeing as i don't have a drivers licence well that just means we are reliant on it. But off they went to the hairdresser who i believe has been cutting the hair of the cavemen in town since the beginning of time (Yes, she's a pretty old woman, and her haircutting is well mediocre to say the least), and well this is what they returned with.

First off, please do not ask what in gods name is up with  the comb over as i have no idea and trust me it was rectified very quickly but instead of allowing them to get crazy Mohawk's and such other disastrous haircuts we allowed them to colour their hair, i really don't have to much of a problem with this mainly for the fact the hair dye that was put in their hair washed out after 2 washes so it wasn't something they would have for weeks, and well it made them think they had their own way.

So Max didn't exactly get what he was looking for but at least he got something that he wouldn't normally get i guess, and Alex well he's not all that bothered as to what type of haircut he gets aslong as it's cut he's a happy camper.

But i think that is it for today, what do you think of their stylish new hair? obviously now it's back to being the normal dirty blonde that they have but at least for a few days they were happy.

But for now... i think i shall bid you all farewell, and hope you have a great day, i'm still getting over this flu cold thing i have and Marie well she's been hit hard with it and is a complete train wreck at the moment, although surprisingly still going to work, even though she looks and sounds like death. 

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