Monday, 28 November 2011

The Hunt For The Book.

Since the boys have started school, the school has been taking them every Wednesday to the local library here in town so that they are able to get some books to take home and read. For me this is probably one of the most greatest things that our schools here in Sweden do, i recall being back in school at their age myself and i can not once remember the school taking us to the local library to check out books.

But of course with this comes some problems, and the main one being the question on a Tuesday night "Where the hell is that book!" and that is exactly what happened last Tuesday. When the kids had returned from School Marie had taken out the little receipt that the library provides with the list of books that each child has taken and asked the boys to go and get the books they had taken so that we could check them off the list to be returned the next day.

However Alexander had apparently misplaced one of his books and no matter how much he searched he could not find it anywhere, now we had made the big mistake of allowing them to take the books up to their playroom which for anyone with children will know a child's designated playroom is ALWAYS  like there has been a war going on. There is toys, books and all sorts lying around up there, and no matter how many times we tidy the room up and ask them to tidy the room up no later than 5 minutes later the room is exactly the same way again. But children will be children and you cannot expect them to be all neat and tidy, especially when you have twin boys.

So of course when we found out that a book was missing the hunt for the book began, we began by telling them to go up stairs and tidy the playroom up in the hopes that he would be able to locate it as they put things away, but after a hour of cleaning they had still not found the book at all, so the search began and let me just say it was a very long one. We searched his bedroom which was absolutely spotless i mean for them creating such havoc in the playroom they really know how to keep their bedrooms nice and clean but we could not find it there either.

After a good hour of looking up and down the stairs we eventually found the missing book, and you wouldn't believe where it had been placed, out of everywhere it could have been located for example under the sofa (Yes the kids have 2x 2 seater sofa's up in their playroom for when they're watching DVDs) or some place like that logical places i would call them we finally located the book and where was it?
It was sitting in the hole of the cats scratching post! Like really? I have no idea how it ended up there or why Alexander or Maximus decided that the hole of to the cats scratching post would be a great place to put a book that wasn't even their's but that was exactly where it was.
I guess they thought that while our cats were sharpening their claws on the scratching post that they would like some reading material, you know like when men go to the toilet and they take a magazine just for something to do. But i really have no idea.

So in total it took us nearly 3 hours to find this one book, i was kind of glad that we did locate it though, because we certainly did not want to pay the fine that we would have received. It's pretty safe to say that we have learned out lesson on that one and have banned them from taking the books up to their playroom or anywhere else for that matter, so combat the problem we have gave them a space in the bookshelf we have in the livingroom now and if they want to sit down and read one of the books they have taken from the library then they can sit in the livingroom and do it. At least until the point where they get a bit more responsible.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell, so until next time! Have a great day.

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