Monday, 21 November 2011

My Wee Boys Growing Up!

No before anyone jumps to the conclusion this is not a birthday post, actually most of you by now are probably aware that they already had their birthday but just for the folks that didn't i thought i would clarify that, but no the reason they are growing up is because for the first time ever on Sunday they played their first Xbox 360 game.

Ok so not a massive deal for most i guess, but seeing as i am a gaming nerd it's HUGE for me, i mean it won't be long now until we can all play games together and play against each other, and i think that is brilliant. Seeing as the twins are only 6 it's not like we have lots of stuff we can do together except play with toys so them being able to get into something that i myself enjoy doing just makes me one very very happy daddy indeed.

But myself and Marie had been talking on Friday night about what to get them and Marie had suggested that we could perhaps see if we could pick up a game or two for the Xbox for them, i personally thought that them being 6 was perhaps a little to young, seeing as the Xbox controller can be pretty fiddly with all those buttons and the movement button being a little stick that you have to move around, but Marie felt that they had to at least begin to learn.
Seeing as they are into games and into Lego we started to take a look at some of the Lego titles that they have out for the Xbox 360 and low and behold they have Lego Star Wars! i couldn't believe it, so i think we shall probably end up getting a copy of that for them for the Christmas which will be excellent, the game itself after looking on YouTube seems pretty easily played for all ages so i don't think they will have any problems once they get to grips with the buttons and it also has a extra person running around with them so that a parent can jump in at any time and help them if they get stuck, or they can just run about together in circles having fun.

So yesterday we decided to give them a little shot, unfortunately i only have grown up titles so the choice was limited for them to play but we let them have a little shot of PGR which for anyone who doesn't know is just a straight forward racing game, safe to say it didn't go to well and most of the time they were both just sitting there getting annoyed because all their car would do was go around and around in a circle, so we decided that we should maybe give them something a bit easier to play, and seeing as they are both little boys we gave them a shot of Mortal Combat Vs DC Universe, it's your standard run of the mill fighting game and they loved it, i think they spent about 45 minutes just beating the crap out of each other, and hey i would rather them do it in a game than hitting each other outside of the game, which is also something they enjoy doing from time to time.

But it was just so fun to see them sitting their playing with each other and not arguing about this and that, and like i said seeing as i am a gamer myself it's nice to get them started. I know that some parents don't like their children playing computer games, but i think it's a wonderful thing, as it teaches the children great hand and eye co-ordination and depending on the game itself it teaches them problem solving skills as well.
Obviously you don't want them sitting in front of a TV all day playing, but i think a couple of hours every few days is quite alright.

But what are your thoughts? Do you think 6 is to young of a age for children to be playing Video Games? or do you have the same thoughts as me? I would be really interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on it!

But until next i shall bid you all farewell.

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