Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Blast From The Past!

The other day i was checking my Facebook feeds like i do normally and i came across something that just blew my mind away, a very very old friend of mines who used to train me when i was doing Taekwon-Do had found and posted up some pictures from decades ago and i just thought i would post them up here.

It's really amazing that when you see pictures from your past you wish you could relive those moments, what i wouldn't give to be 13 again.

That's me on the right, wasn't i cute? Errrr no!
This picture was taken just after the Black Belt grading that myself and Ian, the boy on the left hand side had just attended, i have to say that was the most scariest experience i have ever been through, mainly for the fact that the gradings to obtain your Black Belt was done by a 5th Degree Black Belt Master and trust me that guy could put the fear of life into anyone.

What was even more scary than attending my Black Belt grading, was that only 2 weeks after passing it and getting my black belt (Aged 13!) i then had to attend the European Championships where i went up against a American boy who i believe was probably around 15 in the sparring event, let's just say i wasn't really prepared for such a event especially since i had just got my Black Belt. The American boy absolutely destroyed me all i can remember is being kicked over a chair into one of the judges and pretty much the rest is a blur of being kicked this way and that way, it was a great experience though. 
Although i didn't to do well in the sparring section i did really good in the patterns and managed to take away a Silver medal, which for being my first ever Black Belt competition is pretty impressive if i do say so myself. 

See if you can spot me! tip look at the other picture up top.
I'm not actually to sure when this picture was taken, i know it wasn't after the European Championships so it must have been after a lock competition that my club had attended, but it's just funny to see some old faces you know. The tall guy on the right hand side is Mr Stephen Gell and was my training instructor since the day i joined, there is not another man in this world that i looked up to more than him (Well except for my old man of course), he was such an amazing man and instructor and was always there for me, i don't know why i guess he seen a little bit of himself in me, but for that i will never forget him.

The other man on the left hand side was our other instructor Mr Terry Ryan, i actually became very close friends with his son Craig who is the black belt sitting in the front row on the right hand side. I used to practically live at their house during the summer months just messing around and talking Taekwon-Do and getting up to stupid stuff with him, but it was a great time.

I am so happy that these pictures got posted, as it really takes me back to such happy times in my life, i just wished i was still doing it but perhaps one day i will get back into it!

But until next time... i shall bid you all farewell, have a great day folks! 

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