Thursday, 17 November 2011

Can You See My Children Yet?

I had to have a wee chuckle to myself yesterday when the boys came home from school, it all started after dinner and we were doing what we normally do and sitting around the couch watching some TV shows and just chilling out when Max informed us that for the second time in the space of about 2 months they had been given "High Vis Vests".
Now this is great, i think it is absolutely brilliant that the school provide such things to the children, since in the morning it is extremely dark and because we have to cross a road having these would be fantastic.

The only little snag in there whole plan was that the current autumn rain jacket and trousers that we purchased was already high vis. So i told the boys well you don't need them because you already have big bright yellow jackets and trousers so i'm more than sure that everyone on the road can see you a mile away, but apparently the boys teacher had informed the whole class that they MUST wear these things.

So this morning i was getting them ready for school and i placed all there stuff on the the stairs like i always do jacket, rain trousers, boots, gloves, hat & scarf and went away to get myself ready so that i could take them up, but when i returned they were both just standing there. Of course my immediate reaction was to tell them to get a move on and to get there stuff on but then Max turned around and said to me "What about our other jackets we have to take" i tried to explain to them once more that they did not require them but they wouldn't let it drop so this morning they have gone out with high vis rain jacket & trousers and a high vis vest on top of that, i was honestly in fits of laughter.

I guess i should be thankful i mean it was awsome of the school to provide them and i think all schools around the world should do so, since i'm pretty sure that not every child in the world walks to school in the dark with high vis rain jackets on etc but they looked like some sorry state this morning, i swear if god forbid a car does not see them and something happens i will honestly sue to the person and then pay for them to go and have there eyes tested, they both looking like like LaLa from the Teletubbies.

This is LaLa for anyone who doesn't know what the teletubbies is, but that is exactly what i kept seeing every time i looked down at them this morning, 2 little teletubbies walking away to school.

So does the schools in your area provide these? would be interested to find out if they do or not, and if they don't i really think you should bring it up and maybe get the schools to provide them, i know some parents drive there kids to school but still they are always very handy especially when we are coming into the winter months and it is really dark in the morning and in the evening, but i would suggest if your child already has a high vis jacket of sorts to walk around in as his/her's normal jacket don't put one of these on them, it's cruel. Although my children love it for some odd reason, i think it's just the fact that they are new and you know what children are like with new things.

But for now i shall bid you all farewell, until next time!

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