Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Twins - Why Won't They Listen.

I would like to start of by saying having twins is probably one of the most amazing and challenging things any parent can have, on one hand you have all the stuff that makes having twins great. The fact that they have a friend they can always play with who is exactly the same age as themselves, then you have all the firsts that you get to experience with your child growing up, like first step, the first word and the first everything else but you get to experience them twice!

But you also have double the trouble and my little boys are definitely the definition of the word trouble, not all the time granted sometimes they are the sweetest little boys you can possibly imagine and then sometimes the devil horns come out, but it's not just one it's TWO!

I would ask you ignore my bad attempt at Photoshop.
As of late my two little devils have just become that, they absolutely refuse to listen to anything, it's like we don't exist and if we do they don't care. Last night they asked if they were able to go up to their playroom after dinner and play with their Lego. So Marie had started her sentence and just before she got to the point of saying so you guys get one chance, Alexander jumps into the conversation with "We know one chance" 
It was more than obvious that he hadn't paid any attention to the rest of the conversation but he already knew what his mum was about to say and decided he would take it upon himself to finish the sentence for her.

But we decided that we would let them go up and play even after the bit of cheek, but sure as i am sitting here what happens after not even 30 minutes of being upstairs apparently playing, we hear that god awful laugh, now i love to hear my children laugh i really do, i think a child's laugh can make a day that is going really bad really good and uplift your spirits, but my little twin boys have one particular laugh and when this laugh occurs you know without a shadow of a doubt that they are not playing anymore and are doing something they shouldn't be. 
So instead of going up and trying to see, since it never works and they always hear us coming up the stairs we decided to just shout up the stairs to stop whatever they were doing and play nicely, but 10 minutes later once more the laugh of destruction i think i will call it began again. Of course seeing as this was the second warning it was automatic "Alexander to your room and Maximus to yours" and that was the end of play.

The only thing that i cannot seem to work out is why won't they just listen the first time, i wouldn't say my children are spoiled because they ain't, but they have plenty of toys and other things upstairs that they could be having fun doing and yet when we let them go up and play on their own there little devil sides come out and they start getting up to mischief, and after repeated warnings still refuse to listen. We are even at the stage now where Santa is watching them and if they don't behave then he will strike one item of their Christmas list until all they have left is a piece of coal in their stocking but even that doesn't work!.
I would normally put this down to a phase with them but seeing as it's been on going for the last 2 years i doubt that it's that.

Granted i would not change them for the world, even though they get up to stupid things on a daily basis and find themselves in their bedrooms playing alone on most days when you get that little 10 minutes of bliss and you see them being all sweet and nice it makes everything worth it. I never thought i would ever experience twins but i am so glad that i have, because having one child is awsome but having 2 identical children is just even more fun.
I just wished they would learn to listen to us!

But i think i shall bid you farewell for now, so until next time have a great day!.

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