Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What Are They Teaching Them??

So the other day Marie went up to put Max to bed and decided that she would stop in on our daughter and see what she was up to since we hadn't seen her since pretty much dinner time. It turned out to our surprise and without even having to ask her that she was sitting in her bedroom doing some studying, great i thought at least she's taking school seriously.

However when i found out what she had to learn both myself and Marie were a bit confused i mean seriously what in gods name is the school trying to teach the children to become? DOCTORS?

It turned out that the questions were all medical related, lucky for Mikaela that her mum is a nurse at the local hospital and deals with all kinds of patients, well not so much now since she has a new job as a Administrator but her knowledge is pretty damn good of different illnesses and diseases etc so Mikaela began to rattle of some questions that she was having problems getting answers to, i don't think she has realised that Google is her best friend yet but it was nice that she decided to ask instead of not bothering.

But some of the questions were absolutely stupid i mean one was "Why does someone get leukaemia?". Seriously what type of stupid question is that?? nobody knows why people get it just some people are very unlucky and end up with these god awful illnesses, there is no rhyme nor reason to why it happens it just does unfortunately.

I just don't understand why they are being taught anything like this though, i recall biology at school etc and not once did we go into anything medical, of course that was many moons ago so guess things have changed since then but i don't understand the importance in teaching them it, i'm more than sure if any of their family members had any sort of illness that they would already be informed about what it was and such likes but i don't see the point in it being in the school curriculum but perhaps that's just me.

I guess i should be grateful that they are at least teaching the children something of importance rather than stuff that they don't really need to know etc but at the same point i'm still left wondering why?

But i think that is enough for today, i hope everyone is having a awsome week! So until next time.

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