Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Första Advent.

This Sunday marked the first Advent here in Sweden which is known as "Första Advent" for people who are obviously not Swedish like most of my readers are not, Advent is basically the Swedish countdown to Christmas and this weekend was the first one out of four. So with the first advent up Marie got into the Christmas spirit like always, me personally am not one for Christmas i don't know why it's just not a season that really excites me (I know shocking! i'm probably the only person in the world that says that) but it's true. Don't get me wrong i love Christmas for the children but myself i ain't that bothered if it comes or not kind of thing.

The Advest candles
This is the Advent Candles that get placed wherever really, we have ours sitting in the kitchen on our kitchen table but some people have them in their livingroom's etc but this is what we light every weekend on the run up to Christmas to mark each Advent. It's quite strange to me but it's really exciting for the kids so you just got to love it for them really don't you.

But Sunday came and it was time to start putting up the Christmas decorations, we haven't got our tree up just yet as we normally do that the week before Christmas, although i think we might do it a little bit earlier this year since the twins will be away with their dad on the weekend that we are meant to do it, and although most of the time they just get in the way and end up annoying you while your trying to mess around with stupid fairy lights and tinsel it's still a exciting time for them and they should be a part of it i guess.

Our Kitchen Window
For some reason like the American's i guess the Swedish are absolutely fascinated with lights, granted we don't go to the extreme of decorating the whole outside of our house in fair lights and big Santa Claus's and such likes but they have to have these lights or other types of lights in nearly every window of the house, it's great for the kids though since every year they get there big star in the window.

Maximus's Bedroom Star
Alexander has quite a similar one and i don't know why but they love them, i guess it just makes it feel more more like Christmas in their bedroom, plus a extra night light at the same time, but unfortunately one of our stars broke last year that was situated in the boys playroom so Marie went out and bought a special one for there, and the kids loved it!

Santa Lights!!!
We still have a few decorations to put up though, but we cannot seem to locate them. They are actually not something the Swedish people put up but my parents brought them over a couple of years back when they came to celebrate Christmas with us and the kids fell in love with them so once we actually locate them, we will need to put them up to, just to make it feel a little bit more like Christmas as our livingroom is a little bit dull even though we have our mini Santa Claus figures and lights up on the window.

But i think that is all for just now, until next time have a great day! and get ready for the stream of Christmas themed posts to come!

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