Monday, 14 November 2011

Nice Relaxing Weekend.

As most people are aware by now every other weekend myself and my fiancée Marie get a nice kid free weekend, well it's not totally kids free since we still have our oldest daughter at home, but she is the typical teenager who just sits in her bedroom all day sitting online and watching TV etc, so we might as well be kids free.

So i decided that i would have a awsome relaxing weekend and not stress about anything and what can i say it was fantastic. I started my Saturday morning out in front of the computer dealing with this and that and then decided that i would spend the rest of the day reading my book, since i had been going on about getting back into reading i decided that since it was so nice and peaceful in the house that i would take the opportunity to do just that. I think in total i spent around 4½ to 5 hours just sitting listening to music while reading my book and it was amazing.
You know when you pick up a book and then you just get engrossed in it and can't put it down well that is how it was.

After a good read we then had dinner and decided that we would sit and just chill out and watch a new series that i had downloaded called "FRINGE" which is some sort of Sci-Fi type TV show which actually kind of reminds me of the X-Files but without the alien stuff, but i have to say it's a really awsome TV show so if you haven't seen it before i would highly recommend you taking a look at it if your into Sci-Fi type things.

Sunday was pretty much the same as on Saturday, got up and done some stuff around the computer and then sat most of the day reading my book, i don't know what the hell Marie was thinking but as i was sitting there having a nice relaxing Sunday she had decided that she would go outside, in the freezing and very wet weather and cut our grass. Granted it had been needing done since it was a jungle out there but the whole place was soaking wet so i just didn't see the point.

So while i'm sitting in doors enjoying myself, my lovely fiancée was outside cutting our grass, some people would say that was a bit bad of me, but it wasn't my fault honest! 

It was also Fathers Day here in Sweden on Sunday, so i got a nice new massive mug for my cups of tea from my daughter which was also great, another reason why i won't feel guilty about not going out to cut the grass, fathers day should be a day where daddy gets to sit down and relax or at least that's my excuse!

So that was my awsome weekend, i wished it hadn't ended in all honesty, i love having the kids home and stuff but when your able to just sit down with a good book and just relax and read without having to hear children argue and fight over the stupidest thing it is just really blissful.

But i think that is enough for today, what did you guys get up to the weekend? anything exciting?

Until next time!

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