Friday, 11 November 2011

The Christmas Lists.

I know it's possibly a little to early to start to even consider Christmas but in our household apparently that is the only thing on everyone's minds, or at least everyone except for myself. It's not that i don't look forward to Christmas because of course i do, there is no greater thing in the world than waking up on Christmas morning to see the look on the children's faces when they know Santa has came and left them all these wonderful gifts, and then you have dinner which is always amazing.

I think to date the best dinner was 2 years back when my parents and sister made it over here to celebrate it with us, which i could imagine was rather strange for them keeping in mind that in Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th and not on the 25th. I tell you something moving over from the United Kingdom and then finding out that is how it's done was a very strange experience to say the least but least my sister got her Birthday (24th December) and Christmas on the same day that year, i think it was more odd for her than it was ever for me.

But around about this time of the year the children of course begin to get excited about it and on top of that the lovely TV decides that now is a great time to start advertising every single children's toy under the sun just to make it even more annoying, so last night the twins and our oldest came down with their lists for us to see and of course send of to Santa, safe to say they won't be getting sent to Santa just yet, i mean he's still sleeping ain't he! (Don't start laughing, you know he exists!) and we cannot disturb Mr Claus when he's fast asleep with silly letters, so these will obviously wait another couple of weeks before they get sent up to the North Pole!

After reading the lists i was actually quite surprised, well at least for the twin boys i mean normally they have some crazy stuff, like last year Alexander wanted a Toothbrush for his Christmas, he has one but he wanted one from Santa but this year he seemed to pick pretty normal things, well except for him wanting a PC which safe to say Santa will not be accommodating him with. But here is some of the stuff he decided he wanted this year for Christmas:


  • Drums & Guitar
  • Star Wars Stuff (He doesn't actually know what Star Wars is yet, but at least the boy has taste)
  • Monster Truck (I'm guessing he means a toy one, or at least i hope so!)
  • Lava-lamp (Do not ask me where he got this crazy idea from)
  • Aeroplane
  • Vacuum Cleaner (Ok i didn't notice this until just now, and i'm still a bit baffled by it)
  • Police Stuff i.e. Cars etc
  • Hot Wheels Stuff
I'm still a bit confused because they have also mentioned that they both would like a new bike, which they won't be getting because they don't need one, their bikes that they have are only 2 years old and both look like they have just came out of the factory and are still a wee bit bigger than they require, so a bike is not something they are needing. Although i might have the type of bike wrong, since that is all they have written.

Our daughter though has as always got the insane list, i'm quite sure she sits online looks for the most expensive items in the whole world and says ok i want that, that and that i mean some of the stuff that she has mentioned she already has and yet she's added she wants new ones.

  • Mobile (Granted the one she has is now broken, that is why touch screens are crap)
  • Computer (She just got a laptop for her Birthday this year... Go figure)
  • System Camera (Not to sure what that is in English, but it's one of those really expensive camera's)
  • Shoes (I'll buy her shoes, if i'm allowed to take the 50 pairs she has upstairs and burn them)
So yea the crazy lists are in and ready to head up to Santa's workshop, but what about you guys? have your children began thinking of Christmas or is it still to early for that even as the time fly's by, i mean we only have something like 6 weeks before Christmas is here.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell and hope you have a great weekend, myself and Marie have a kids free weekend again since the boys are heading off to their dads so time for some well deserved rest and relaxation, lets hope that none of us end up sick again like last time.

Until next time folks

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