Thursday, 13 October 2011

Talking Christmas Already??

While most of my online blogging friends are talking about Halloween and how much fun they are going to have or are having preparing for it, i get to find myself talking about the one holiday in the year i dread the most Christmas.
Ho Ho Ho?

It's not that i don't like Christmas, because there is no greater time of the year to spend time with your family and just be happy and enjoy each other company, but i find myself in a world of stress. For most people that read my blog they all know that i am unemployed still, and when you are living on one salary barely making it through month to month on what you get, it can become rather stressful.
So to begin talking about Christmas when we are only in October is like "Oh hell no!". 

I am pretty much used to it with my mum, she is always the person that's on the ball, ready to rock and roll for this time that we have coming up in 10 weeks time. She is the type of women that starts really early on it, mainly because well she has to, since myself and my family live in Sweden getting our parcels to us require alot of pre-planning and execution. Safe to say with my mum & dad's skills and the fact my dad works for a transport company they have yet to let us down.

But when Marie starts talking about it? I just go in a mind spin and everything begins to get foggy in my head, questions such as "What should we get the twins for their Christmas?" turns into a "Errrmm, i don't really know, whatever you find" Because in October my mind is just not ready and willing to start thinking about it. When i used to live in the UK i was the guy that went out on the 24th of December and bought all the Christmas presents then. Unless i knew there was something someone wanted way before hand and then i would order online, but for the most part im a 24th of December type of guy!

The twins and Mikaela has yet to give us their lists, and i cannot wait to see them this year. We normally send them all off up to Mikaela's room so that they can sit on her notebook and surf in the internet stores looking for all sorts of magical gifts that Santa Claus can bring them, and some of the things just makes me break down and laugh so hard! I would give some suggestions but i think i will wait until they have made their lists this year and make a new post about it then, so everyone else can have a good old chuckle.

But what about everyone else? is everyone still thinking about the current holiday coming up (Halloween) or is everyone else beginning to prepare themselves for the festive season? Would be really interested to hear what it is like over in America, since i know things like Halloween & Christmas are gigantic affairs, actually probably bigger than any other country i know.

So feel free to drop me a comment below, and tell me if your already planning or have already planned for this upcoming celebration! and give me some sympathy if you haven't because talking about Christmas is October is enough to drive anyone insane.

But until next time i shall bid you all farewell.

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