Thursday, 20 October 2011

Children's Nightmares.

Last night turned into quite the adventure it seems for Marie, it would have turned into one for me too but i think i was just to tired to wake up for anything, although i really have no idea but it just seems as Marie said to me last night that when it comes to this time of the month you feel more and more tired, it must be have something to do with the weather changing and the fact it gets alot darker alot quicker this time of year. Literally by the time 6pm comes around over here the stars are already coming out.

But last night we were both woken up by the sound of Alexander standing in our door saying "Mamma" over and over again, i have no idea why he doesn't just come up and poke us to wake up and instead insists on standing in our door way repeating himself for however long he stands there before we finally awake. Eventually however we did wake up to find out that our little boy had a nightmare, so Marie told him to go back to bed and try and go back to sleep and that everything was ok it was just a bad dream and it would be alright, so off he went back to bed.

I have no idea how long past but then i was woken up by him doing the exact same thing and found out he had another, i tried then to tell him to head back to bed and put his bedroom lights on and try and go back to sleep again so off he went, but apparently it didn't end there, i have no idea how long it lasted but Marie informed me this morning that she had been up at least 4 more times with him during the night with the same thing, taking him back to bed and trying to soothe him to get him to fall back asleep.

But it then occurred to me that i hate nightmares, especially when children have them because it leaves you feeling so helpless, i mean what can you literally do? you can't take the dreams away, all you are able to do is tell them that they are just bad dreams and that everything will be ok and try and comfort them the best you can and that is it.
It just reminds me so much of when i was a kid, some nights my mum & dad would be in my bedroom around 20 times trying to get me back to sleep after having nightmares and i now understand how frustrating and worthless it leaves you feeling when all you want is your child to have a good nights sleep but they are constantly disturbed by bad images going through their little heads.

I have no idea what he was dreaming about as i never asked, i really should as i think it would be interesting to find out what he considered to be a bad dream, but it must have been something really bad as i have never seen or heard him get up that many times during the night because of it, i guess it is something i should ask him when he comes home from school today.

But what about you? how do you deal with your children when they have nightmares, perhaps you are able to give me a few pointers in the way of helping your children during what is really a awful time for them. I will however say i'm one of these parents that are Anti children in bed so any advice of letting them sleep in your bed is out of the window, but anything else i would be really interested in.

But until next time.. I shall bid you all farewell....

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